Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Its Christmas Time!

I'm about to share several days of Christmas photos. We've had an incredible time celebrating and spending time with family however I'm aware more each year that Christmas is a season of pain for many. Christmas can be a reminder of great loss...a close friend or family member. It can be a reminder of all that we don't have...the seemingly perfect, in tact families of the social media world can taunt us. The kids who come through our house experience Christmas in different ways and I've seen that its not "the most wonderful time of the year" for everyone.

That being said, it really was a very special time and I'm so grateful for the gift of family.

We kicked off Friday at Sarah's house. She did a lovely job getting everything ready and the pace of the day was relaxed, vacillating between sweet moments of reading together on the couch and crazy boys wrestling on the floor. :) Good stuff!

We skyped with Grandpa as the kids opened presents from him.

Baby Gavin's first Christmas.

Gifts from Nana!

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