Monday, December 12, 2016

Project 365, Week 50

We're plowing through the final days of this year, aren't we??

December 5
The kids had their first two-hour school delay of the season.

December 6
Found the dog. She loves Amanda's bed because there are many stuffed animals to choose from.

December 7
A very last minute decision to keep a couple doctors appointments in the city and we decided to make it a girls trip. (My oncologist is pleased with things!)

December 8
6th grade led Mass.

December 9

Youth group had their annual Christmas party. They went all out with food and decorations and music. I spent the evening helping in the kitchen and caught myself thinking, Avery will be here next year...oh my!!

I stole this from niece and nephews looked so great and they are such leaders among their peers. Amazing to see them looking this old.

December 10
Speaking of my niece, the girls were choreographing a Christmas song.

December 11
Avery has had her first partner and group assignments given out. The girls worked for several hours on their project, with a little help from mom and dad.

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Melody said...

YAY for a pleased oncologist!!!!!!!!