Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Girls Day Out

In August, we made a family trip to NYC to see my surgeon, which is when she told me the news that she was leaving to be Chief of Surgeon at another hospital hours away. I was proud of her, happy for her and thankful that the timing wasn't right in the middle of my "stuff". 

As I drove to the city for another check-up last week, I was mourning the loss of my friend who has had a profound impact on my life and who I'll likely never see again. Whatever the psychology of the patient /doctor relationship is after you've gone through years of hard and trauma with, I may border on the stalker side of that. ;) After much research, Shaun found Dr. Temple as being a world-class surgeon for my type of cancer and I really believe she was pivotal in saving my life. I'll be forever grateful for her.
(taken in August) 

The afternoon prior, two different New York City doctors called to confirm my appointment for the next day. I had no idea they were coming up, so my day was already set with the usual work and kids. At first I told them we'd have to reschedule, but after I talked with Shaun about it, we decided I should go for it while I had the opportunity (and while we're in a year that we've already met our deductible ;). After being a passenger on this route dozens of times, I felt confident that I could handle it. I let the girls skip school so they could keep me company and so we'd get some special time together. They were so great!

We got into the city and parked by 8 AM. In between appointments we went to Rockefeller to see the Christmas tree and laugh at the ice skaters and then we walked to Times Square to see the Disney Store. We got out just before rush hour began in the city. 

It was a good day and we had so much fun together. I'm ever thankful for the incredible care I've gotten in NYC and especially to be on this side of it. Yes, I have many battle scars, but I'm here and we reached the point where my doctors only want to see me every three months.
(Most of the photo credit goes to Amanda who brought her Kindle along so they could enjoy wifi during their long waiting room waits.)

The third Christmas season I've been a patient of Memorial Sloan Kettering. It feels comfortable there.

A couple random observations about the waiting room in cancer centers.

Its easy to spot the patient...they are the ones sleeping, sitting up...utterly exhausted.
Its easy to spot the caregiver. They are carrying more than their fair share of purses/bags/things.

Gosh...I love cancer patients. Not always but often, underneath the thin top layer of fear, there is often a resolve and a gritty determination. Humor is sometimes used and a little inappropriately but its ok. (Kind of like if you're blonde, its not offensive if you tell blonde jokes.) They are a tough lot.

Counting my blessings!


Meg A. said...

That Dr. Temple is a Rock Star in my book! So thankful for her and that you had access to such world-class care. Glad you and the girls had a fun day and super impressed you drove it! ;)

Amy said...

Sorry I missed it. So glad you're on this side.

Melody said...

Just let me know if you want me to pop in and surprise Dr. Temple with a visit :)
So grateful for a good report! Fun Christmas in NYC pics!

The Bug said...

What a great day for you guys! I like that you live close enough to NYC to drive in & enjoy it but you don't have to LIVE there :)

Ashley Beth said...

I love the HOPE picture. So fitting. What a true blessing you are living every day. Gives us all a reminder that each day is a gift from God's good and generous heart.