Thursday, December 1, 2016

Giving Thanks, Too

Thanksgiving Day dawned cool and, most importantly, dry! Every year I remember how cold and slushy and rainy it was for the road race the year I was pregnant. I ran on Thanksgiving and three days later went into labor with Amanda, who was born nine days early. ;)

That year I ran because I had a consecutive-years streak going that I cared about but the last two years I had to preserve my energy for things like walking from the couch to the kitchen or up the stairs to bed, so my streak ended. But this year H, fresh off of his cross country season, wanted to run so I signed up again. Ray joined in, too and was able to finish.

Once I got there, it felt good to be back. Sarah and I stuck together the whole time and got to chat, which was really nice.

Back at the house, Shaun was cooking his one meal for the year, the Thanksgiving turkeys. Avery was both intrigued and grossed out. ;)

The family gathered and we had a lovely, chill day. Much, much to be thankful for!

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The Bug said...

Yay for running! I love the look on Avery's face, watching Shaun with the turkey :)