Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Project 365, Week 51

Raise your hand if you were busy this week. Yeah, we were too. Dress rehearsals four days this week, in preparation for the show Prince of Peace helped make for a little crazy while all of regular life continued. But...what a wonderful time of year!

December 12
The Ginger and the kids are always happy to see each other after school.

December 13
My only picture of the day....a kid left a "to do" note on the table....they heard if you flush an ice cube down the toilet, it will snow. :)

December 14
Avery was doing a report on ancient Egypt and Aiden was soaking it up. He shared 'strange but true' facts with me as I was cooking dinner.

December 15
Lessons & Carols night...such a beautiful, holy event with their school. (Also, they're so big!!) Avery and Amanda had the honor of reading a portion of scripture on behalf of their class.

Amy, who couldn't be there, asked for the videos (of which my skills are...lacking). 

December 16
I got to see the Nutcracker! My niece Katie was the best mouse there ever was!

It was opening night for Prince of Peace. There are many more photos here.

December 17
Shenanigans at the old house. Shaun and I were outside shoveling and all was quiet and then we heard squeals and laughter coming from the top of the hill. The girls had brought the sled and were going down the sidewalk. I flashed back to so many times of them riding, walking, biking down this hill in front of the house. So many good years there.

We're still trying to rent it, so if you know anyone who wants a big, beautiful, one-of-a-kind house...

Yup...it was a snow day and our mudroom gets heavy use.

December 18
One day, TWO shows!


Amy said...

The kids did soooo great at their school night! They look so grown up and I love Amanda's hair down. Aiden was shockingly animated through his song. Thanks for all of the video!

The Bug said...

I love Amanda's hair down like that! If mine had looked that way it might still be long :) The girls did a great job with their readings!