Monday, December 26, 2016

Project 365, Week 52

Its Week 52 and this is the final Project 365 post of the year. Kinda crazy that time goes so fast, which is what people say, but its true!

Our week was probably like many others...lots of work and prep and obligations in the beginning of the week and lots of fun and festiveness towards the end. Good times!!

December 19
Shaun is a remarkable, on-purpose dad day in and day out as he patiently leads and instructs. I listened in with admiration as he very rationally answered questions from the kids about why they are not allowed wifi access in our home.

December 20
Just a little boy being silly.

December 21
We took coins to the bank...a highlight for this guy.

December 22
Serious gaming.

December 23
Ray and Quinn came over the night before to bring gifts. They had a winner with Aiden's book...he tore through it in a matter of hours.

Christmas with Shaun's side at his sister's house. Cousins!

December 24
Christmas Eve candlelight service.

December 25
Christmas Day!!

Christmas with my side. Cousins!

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The Bug said...

Looks like a great Christmas all around! I got sheep jammies very similar to those pink ones in the last picture :)