Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I'm so grateful for the father of my children. There are only male children born to the Cour side as far the eye can see, so it was assumed we would have boys too. To me it just made sense since my husband is a "man's man"; very into playing and/or watching sports of any kind, knows how to rebuild a car engine or any other manner of car repair, can fill any plumbing or electrical needs that arise and has worked in construction professionally for many years. You know, just a manly man. Well, along came Avery and soon after Amanda. Two girls!

They both adore him, I mean really, really love him. Shaun is an incredible Dad! Here's an example:

A couple weeks ago we were doing the final push to get out the door for church on Sunday morning. I had put the girls in their dresses and brought their shoes into the TV room where Shaun was so he could help put them on while I went to spend three minutes getting dressed and ready.

From across the hall, I could hear Avery begin to whine about my shoe selection (this decision is hers to make nearly every day). She was whining about wanting to wear her black shoes instead of the white sandals I had chosen. After a minute of this I hear Shaun say "Avery!" and I was sure I was going to hear, 'you need to put those sandals on right now before I spank you'. Instead, I heard him say "You have white on your dress. White shoes go with a white dress. Black shoes do not match...."

Silently, I laughed to myself. Shaun is a girl-daddy, through and through. Do they know the Red Sox line-up? Yes. Do they hang out with him in the shop and get covered in salsa (sawdust)? Sure. But Daddy is who they go to first when they know their hair looks pretty or if they have a special outfit on. And he never disappoints...he showers them with praise and love.

It was tough to narrow down the pictures of Shaun with the girls. Partly because I am always the one with the camera but mostly because they spend so much time together. Working in the yard or household projects, shopping at Home Depot, reading stories, watching Red Sox, changing messy diapers and giving hugs...always giving hugs. He's just amazing.
Happy Father's Day, Buddy. Thanks for being such a great dad to our girls!

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