Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Well, its not exactly summer yet, but it was fun! Earlier this week Shaun was watching the girls while he was working outside and I was working in. At some point I went to check on everyone and this is what I found:

Avery was filling up the dog's water bowl using the hose and Amanda "accidentally" got in the way of the hose. Apparently, she thought it was great fun, so they kept it up. Shaun said Avery freaked out when her "bayden soup" got wet. You see, she had put it on as an outfit for the day (and also slept in it the night before) and didn't understand that bathing suits are meant to get wet.

In other rose bush is just beautiful right now!


Rae said...

Great pics of the girls! Too funny that Avery freaked about the wet suit. Definitely made me chuckle.

Your roses? GORGEOUS!!!!

Elizabeth said...

oh, the joy of a simple hose! Makes me want to get out there and spray the girls down. Too bad it's not quite hot enough here today. Tomorrow we're hitting the pool at D & L's, assuming it gets good and hot, so that will be a blast to see another first for Katie.