Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Marriage Celebration

This weekend the family came together to celebrate the vows Shaun's dad and his wife made a month ago. It was important to Shaun's grandmother (mother of the groom) that the family be together and witness this. So, arrangements were made and we had a wedding celebration.

I'm sure its the selfish child in me, but I think one of the harder things to do is to witness the marriage of a parent after divorce. I love both of my parents' spouses dearly and am happy they are happy and being taken care of, but it was hard when it happened. Shaun's family handled it with much grace though and the day turned out well. Here's the day in snapshots:

Nana and Grandpa John...the day happened because of them. We got to have them stay with us during their five day stay.

A vow renewal was done, with my dad officiating. Both my parents were there...they go back with Shaun's parents about twenty-five years.

The girls were living large to have such a captive audience as they did their dance routines (Amanda is so cute doing an arabesque). They were the center of attention.

The sweetest girls

Amanda, Shaun's dad and Diane

Auntie Sarah

Uncle Nathan & Laryssa

Daddy & Avery

Uncle Nathan & Cousin Jared puttin' on the moves

We pray God's blessing on their new life together.

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Gretchen said...

Could your dtrs BE any cuter? I think not. :)