Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Shower

Shaun's youngest brother Micah and his fiance, Sienna are expecting a baby in September. Her family threw her a baby shower that was held at my house. They did a beautiful job with the decorations and food.

They played the game where you cut the string for how big around you think the pregnant belly is. If you can believe it, Avery won and Amanda came in second...weird.

Here's all the girls in the family.

(Me, Avery, Sienna, Amanda, Bev, Sarah and Laryssa)
Later we had a cookout with the family that stayed and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

I took a couple quick pictures with the girls before the shower. Cousin Madison slept over the night before and the girls always have such a blast with her. She organizes them into games and crafts and the morning of the shower she picked out their clothes and even did their hair. She's such a special girl and I'm thankful my kids have her to look up to, because they do...big time.

The progression of these pictures just made me laugh when I saw Amanda. Her personality comes shouting right through. What a kid.


bentonflocke said...

cute pictures of the three!!!

Darla said...

those girls are sooo cute, my daughter and i were once again laughing and discussing how much they remind us of them dressed alike and having lots of personality! what a blessing you have in those 2 girls. :D

LuAnn said...

Love the pictures but Amanda is just too funny!!!

Amy said...

Girl to girl...your boobs look awesome in the Cour women picture.