Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365, Week 34

August 16
This is the planning committee (me and my two sisters...Shaun was having trouble with the camera) for a family get-together we are having in a few weeks. Incredibly, with my parents and their spouses, my three siblings and their families and an aunt, uncle and two cousins, our group will be 30 people. Yeah, it takes a little planning for a group that size!

August 17
My dad called first thing in the morning, declaring it a slip-n-slide day. It was a good way to spend some of the 90 degree day. He's a duct tape kind of dad, as you can tell from the slide set-up. :)

August 18
Grandma came over a couple times this week. This was taken right before Aiden's pee shot through the side of his diaper, soaking her shirt. Ooops!

August 19
Action shot of rolling over.

August 20
Amanda in a typical outfit, just one of many for the day, talking her daddy's ear off while he makes lunch.

August 21
You can't tell from this picture, but it is pouring rain outside. When it started raining at our softball game, I tossed him in and he slept through the whole thing.

August 22
Avery showing off her new suit.

Sara, thanks so much for hosting!


LuAnn said...

I just get such of kick out of the girls. Your pictures are great. What a blessing to have your family live close to you. I have never had that since we were married. When we were in KY we were 400 miles away. Kids were babies. Then upper WI 2 1/2 hours. That seemed great. Now we are an hour from my family. I will take it. My husband has stayed the longest at this church 8 1/2 years. We are thankful for that.
Have a great week Lisa !!!

bentonflocke said...

beautiful pictures. The one with mother´s shoes and the action shot of Aiden are my favorites!

sara said...

I can not wait to be a grandma!!!! And especially after seeing these pictures!!!

Amanda just cracks me up...she is so full of life even in pictures!!

and love the action shot!!!

skoots1mom said...

what precious pics...
you're so blessed with family!
i know you're cherishing every moment you have with them.
Wish my mom lived close by...
so glad you had a great week!

Darla said...

great week, i love the picture of Amanda in her 'outfit' i picked up so many clothes when my girls were little, it would be safe to say that they changed clothes ten times a day sometimes. they had to play the part of whatever they were playing, the clothes were just part of the experience of pretending. i hate to tell you this, but it doesnt end. ever! they are still changing clothes, not every girl does this i hear, but mine always have. i'm so used to it. i cannot believe that Aiden is rolling over! he is so ahead of the game.

Kim said...

Excellent photos! You do such a great job of capturing those every-day-but-oh-so-special shots. Your girls crack me up -- I had one who liked to continually change outfits too, until she had to start doing her own laundry. LOL

Have fun with the family get together. Those are always so great and create even more wonderful memories.

rita said...

You are blessed, indeed.
I was drawn to the sleeping baby boy photo 'cause there will soon be another baby grandboy in our family!