Saturday, August 15, 2009

Project 365, Week 33

August 9
Shaun played and coached an All-Star game. It was cold and drizzly but we had fun anyway.

August 10
Dressed in her badding soup, ready to go swim at Grammy's lake.

August 11
Avery's been in summer school. She's doing really well with her reading and its so much fun to watch that world open up to her. Shaun especially tries to work with her a little each day.

August 12
My sweet thing.

August 13
Nathan and Laryssa were watching her niece Bethany, so they asked if they could take our girls too. I got to work the whole day, which was great. At one point an email popped up with this picture and I was so glad to see that the girls were missing me so much. :) I don't think it would be possible for any one of them to be smiling any bigger.

August 14
I saw this sign in a parked car along our walking route. It made me laugh! I guess everyone has their cause and hey, they saved $0.50 on the cost of a bumper sticker, right?

August 15
Amanda was reading this book to Aiden while I was preparing lunch. She actually did well retelling the story that we've only read twice since checking it out of the library.

As always, Sara is hosting the rest of the 365 Projects.


Meg A. said...

Avery is looking like such a big girl to me these days! Must be that teeny bundle of a baby brother. You look great- hard to believe you had a baby just 4 short weeks ago!

bentonflocke said...

cute shots as always - can´t stop to see the wonderful pics of Aiden and your girls!

Kim said...

What a head of hair on Aiden! He's a cutey patootie :-) I'm sure your girls were happy to see you at the end of their fun day. It is amazing to see how big the girls seem compared to their little brother :-)

Darla said...

i'll bet that email picuture made you smile! great week!

sara said...

I just had to blow up that email picture!! something very funny must have been said! :)

Love the picture of your hubby holding the baby and reading with Avery! So sweet!!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Badding soup - haha!

So impressed with Avery's reading skills. I am trying to work with Savannah a little every day, and right now she is slowly discovering sounds and putting together very simple words. I don't want to push her, but she loves it so much, and gets mad at ME if I forget to do her "workbook" every day. :)

LuAnn said...

The love badding soup picture. Such cute shots this week, I always enjoy!!! Have a great week !

TCKK said...

Your girls are adorable! Love that last picture of her "reading" to the baby!!

SusanD said...

Wonderful pictures of your precious children. -- The self-made window sticker made me chuckle too. Blessings, SusanD

rita said...

three little darlins sittin on the sill
one little puddin pie chillin with his pa

Whatever... :) Blessed family!