Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project 365, Week 35

August 23
Sienna had another baby shower, this time with her church. As usual, the girls were a big help opening presents and during down time Amanda entertained with her dancing.

August 24
I was completely flattered when I went to pick up some prints I'd ordered online and was given a hassle about taking them. The developer in the photo lab thought they'd been taken by a professional, which they do not allow without a release form from the photographer. After being quizzed about my camera, I was able to pay for them and bring them home. I have no delusions of where I stand in the world of photography, but it was a nice feeling for a day.

August 25
On a beautiful day, we got a little porch time before naps...."Mom, watch this!"

August 26
We were able to get away for a few days with some friends to Block Island, RI. This is the dock we've stayed at for the six or seven years we've done the trip.

August 27
A perfect beach day, chillin' together.

August 28
We decided to take the high-speed ferry out and beat Tropical Storm Danny.

August 29
Happy to have everyone home together. This is the door to the girls' room. Each night the last thing they say is, "Leave the door open, if I need to come out can I get you?" Avery's been saying it for probably a year.

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sara said...

what a compliment!!! but I would have to agree that you take amazing photos!!

beach jealous!

bentonflocke said...

yes it´s a compliment for your fantastic shots - but what are you doing now to get the pictures??

cute shot with Aiden and at the porch

Kim said...

Great photos - as is obvious from the hassle you received when picking them up :-) Especially love the one of sister loving on baby brother!

LuAnn said...

That is kinda a great feeling isn't it?
I had that happen to me once with one of Phil's football pictures.
I just had to laugh.
Looks like lots of fun at the beach too.
Blessings to you this week.

Darla said...

yes, you do take great photos. what kind of camera do you have if you don't mind me asking? i'm so jealous that you guys went to RI. that sounds amazing. i am 10 hours from a beach, and with school back in session, i won't be doing any traveling in the near future. great week. i love ALL of the pictures as ALLways!

Vanessa said...

I find that it is worth going through every single step every time before bed...Sydney said for about a year,let me tell you a secret...once upon a time there was a beautiful beautiful princess. and bla bla...I had to wait till the story was over,and then she was out! The door being open a tad is so worth the rest! And your photos are very nice.

Andrea said...

do you teach these photography classes for those of us still learning?