Monday, August 24, 2009

Six Weeks Old

Little Man is six weeks old. Actually, he is referred to more often as "Baby Brother". Doesn't quite have the ring to it that Sissy did when Amanda was a baby, but that's what the girls call him. He's a super sweet boy. No regular sleep patterns have been established during the day, he just does a lot of it. During his awake times he's started to be more content on his own without us having to be doing something with him. He likes to be on his belly looking around, but then he quickly turns over and the fun is gone. He's about 3/4 of the way to rolling from back to stomach, so he is very busy trying to figure things out.

Most of the time people say he looks just like his daddy and without fail people comment on his hair. Right now he is sleeping on my lap on his stomach with his hands and feet dangling off, a position he's liked since the start. When I'm holding him in my arms he likes to pick his head up and look around, but he also likes to snuggle in under my chin. Sweetness.

As usual, the girls were not far while I was trying to take a few pictures. There was discussion for who would hold the baby, who would hold the sign, who should be in the middle, yada, yada. Here's Avery explaining (lovingly and gently, of course) that Amanda needs to hold the sign the right way, cause "he's 6 weeks, NOT 9 weeks!" Oh, I cringe when I watch them and remember that I was that bossy big sister who knew it ALL. Sheesh!

When we were done Avery said, "Oh, thank you Mom, for letting me hold him like that (supporting him standing)!" She thinks she's so much bigger than she is and is anxious to do all kinds of tricks while holding him.

What a crew!


mom said...

That's too funny about 6 vs 9 on the sign. The pix about it were super. Kids sure are great for laughs. I need to see Aiden in action with that rolling over already stuff... amazing. Strong little man, PTL.

Rach@In His Hands said...

I love how these photos show off the 3 of their sweet, spunky, loving personalities. Cute!!

sara said...

this was GREAT!!

I think we could have figured out what was going on in those pictures just by the expressions on their faces!! ha! had me laughing!!!

Alyssa called Jason "brother" for the longest time!! She was so much like Avery! I remember one time we got in the car and she said "mommy, do you have the diaper bag and the paci" funny thing is....I didn't!!!

I can't believe he still has all that hair!! so sweet!

bentonflocke said...

love Aidens view between his sisters - cool man!

Darla said...

what a day brightener! i laughed out loud at these photos. the girls expressions are priceless, while baby brother is clueless! so fun. i'm so glad you are enjoying it all, it's such a wonderful time in life. :D

LuAnn said...

Wgat great photos - can't believe at 6 weeks Aiden is holding is head up !!