Monday, August 31, 2009

Block Island '09

We just got back from our annual trip to Block Island. Our original plan was to go Monday-Friday but Hurricane Bill forced us to revise those plans and do Wednesday-Sunday instead. Well, Tropical Storm Danny brought us back early on Friday so it ended up being a short trip but still fun.
The only thing I felt was missing from the trip was our day of bike-riding. Clearly someone else has enjoyed lots of those days.
Colombo and Shaun, shootin' the breeze with a local, Cliff the dock owner. The two weekend storms significantly hurt his business.
This year we had our best "parking spot" ever, right next to the dock, a picnic table and the bathrooms/showers.
We had two great dinners, thanks to Karen's efforts. Here we are, l to r: Sandy and Jim, friends of Karen and Colombo II, boat owners and Colombo III's parents. Amy and Colombo III, my sister and brother-in-law (and boss), Shaun and I, tag-alongs.

The beach by day........and by night Shaun and I took a walk down the beach on a search for "pretty and sparkly" rocks to bring home to Avery and Amanda.

In hopes of beating out the poor weather of the tropical storm, we loaded up and walked down to the ferry. It was not an original idea, though. There was considerable movement on the island. This is the road to the beach and to town and it was busy!

We spent the afternoon at the marina in the pool, hot tub and workout room...not a bad alternative.

Shaun and I got time together to walk hand-in-hand and have heart-to-heart talks without being interrupted by needy kids. This is such a fun trip that we look forward to every year....Block Island definitely holds a special in our hearts. Thanks to our hosts, Karen and Colombo.
Thanks also to my mom and Russ and Nathan and Laryssa who took care of the kids. When we are away it is such a good feeling to know they are being well taken care of. I know some parents have a hard time leaving their children but we knew they were in good hands and were having fun. Its actually a tad disappointing how well they (especially Aiden) managed without us. :)


sara said...

I am so glad you got some time away. The best piece of "pre-marriage" advice we got was to do something for our marriage and just us every year. So, we have done that, either a weekend or week every year...just us. I think it has been a real blessing and after 25 years, we still love being together and enjoy "our" time!!!

bentonflocke said...

wonderful time you spent with your DH without the kids, and together with friends.

It´s so important to have time together!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Rach@In His Hands said...

SO fun!

The picture of the broken bike totally made me giggle....I needed that. :-)