Friday, August 14, 2009

Whirls and Twirls

The girls cranked up the music in their room and did a dance show for me. Avery was actually making up some decent moves. She's very graceful and has such a dancer's body. Amanda did her best to copy and keep up. It is interesting to watch them together....even with Amanda's strong personality, she still follows Avery and usually wants to be doing what she is doing. (Most of it happened while I was feeding the baby, so the pictures are limited)

Oh, these precious moments of whirls and twirls in their pink and yellow bedroom. All too soon they will be gone, but for today I'm going to soak it in and thank God for these beautiful gifts.


sara said...

the one of Amanda hugging the teddy bear...priceless!!!

And you will be surprised just how fast the time goes.......too fast.

Momagoose said...

so sweet! Amanda's getting the hang of this big sister business, I see. :o)

bentonflocke said...

Fantastic pics - but I agree with Sara, the one the one of Amanda hugging the teddy bear is priceless!!! This was my first thought!!!

Great how you captured this moment!

LuAnn said...

Cute - love the teddy bear picture too. I am sure someday you will have a picture of Aiden doing this with his big sisters too. My daughter liked to polish her little brothers toes. Oh, my husband loved that!