Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Thankful

Several years ago my side of the family started a new tradition to hold Thanksgiving on a separate day before the big day so that we could all be together while still being available to "the inlaws"on Thanksgiving Day.

We've switched around host-houses, this year was at my sister Amy and her husband Colombo's house.  We joked about needing to rent out a hall for next year.  This year we had 26 people, 12 adults and 14 kids, including 4 in high chairs.  Yes, crazy, but it was a nice day and the kids were outside for most of it.

 My crafty, ambitious sister made the place cards.  Beautiful, aren't they?

 Solving just a few of the world's problems

 Our hostess

 BFFs...two of THE sweetest nine year-olds ANYwhere.
A sampling of the children present.  As I was looking at this I noticed how much of a gap there is getting to be between the older cousins and the younger ones.  Colombo used to blend in but now he's getting so big...still a good sport about having the little ones around though.

I like doing a table shot to see how many people I can get with their mouth full of food. :)
Then we switched gears and did a Q4 birthday party.  My other crafty sister made the cake.  My two sisters kept all the craftiness and athleticism for themselves.

Mom, Amy, Dad, Amanda, Nathanael


Melody said...

These pictures brought happy tears to my eyes - so excited to see you all!

Momagoose said...

That cake is ridiculously perfectly amazing!!! WOW! I had no-idea she could do that! :o)