Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 365, Week 46

Is November fa-lying by for anyone else?!?  Crazy.  We had a week of several large blessings here, the first being last Sunday.  On Saturday there was a "no water in the building" emergency at one of our apartment buildings.  Shaun spent the entire day dealing with it and we were quoted with a starting price of $6,000 to fix the problem.  On Sunday Shaun went back to work on it more and talked to more people.  For less than $300 the problem was fixed, and quickly.  Huge!  

The second and third large-sized blessings do have pictures with them...

November 7
We had the cast party for The Lost Son.  After dinner the kids put on The Lost Son Junior production, going through the entire play in about 20 minutes.  The girls were ecstatic to be included. 
November 8
I was aggravated to wake up to see this awful white stuff outside.  November 8...seriously???  But then the girls woke up and were thrilled about it and ran outside as quickly as they could.  Avery said Is it Christmas tomorrow??  Its all about perspective. :)

November 9
This boy stays very busy.

November 10
The second large blessing of the week.  We got together with Shaun's side of the family so the girls could go shopping for the abuse-victim family we adopted for Christmas.  We bought for a mom and her four kids who recently left a relationship after being stabbed by her boyfriend.  The kids are a 13 year-old girl, boy 11, girl 6 and boy 3, so it was a little personalized for Jared and Avery who are 11 and 5. Then we came home and wrapped it all.  It IS so much more blessed to give than to receive.  
 The boys were busy conquering countries playing Axis and Allies.
November 11
This was the lobby in the professional building were Aiden's doctor was.  I walked in and thought oh much is this going to cost? and Aiden got so excited to see the horsey.  Again, all about perspective. :)

November 12 

Shaun's been working on the chimney this week, very high up.

 November 13
The third big blessing, which is certainly debatable. :)  A new member of our family.  Meet our new puppy.  He's 10 weeks old and right now his name is Trot.


sara said...

lots of blessings in these pictures!

my natural reaction to the snow picture....UGH! I am looking forward to some cooler weather, but don't miss the snow AT ALL!! But I do love Avery's comment!

a puppy!! very cute! and I love how you put that the blessing is true!

LuAnn said...

Many blessings to be thankful for.

I love Trot - I am sure he his getting no love at your home.

Shaun on the roof makes me ill - I am sooooo afraid of heights.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your new puppy! Trot is an adorable name, too. Can't wait to meet him!!

The Bug said...

Cute puppy! And cute girls with their flags...

Yes, perspective helps. I'm trying to hang onto my childish delight in snow so that when it arrives here I won't be all Grump City. We'll see how it goes!

Connie said...

Hey at least the snow came later than last year. I was looking back and saw that our first snow was mid October last year! Congrats on the new pup. The kids are going to grow up with him and create LOTS of memories.