Friday, November 12, 2010

Its Beginning to Sound Like Christmas

Christmas 2009

For the time we've been married I have respectfully abided my husband's "rule" that no Christmas music be played until after Thanksgiving.  After that it plays constantly and he's the first one to say Why isn't the Christmas music on?  

However, the girls are not aware of this rule and therefore have been playing Christmas music in their room everyday this week.  I've never been so happy to hear the Veggie Tales sing. :)  Avery has also been planning what our family will do for the talent show on Christmas...the one she was too shy to participate in last year.

All things Christmas...bring it on!!


Melody said...

This post made my day! YAY for Christmas :) Tell the girls I can't wait to see them. And that goes for their momma too!

Penny said...

Lol! My hubby likes Christmas music as much as I do -- but he won't admit it! ;)

Darla said...
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Vanessa/Chelsea said...

I have the same rule in my house..and everybody hates me for it! lol...NO Christmas Music UNTIL after Thanksgiving...the day we put up the tree...AND THEN we listen to it until March! LOL...I worry that putting it on too early will make it lose its magic..I guess..