Monday, November 1, 2010

Project 365, Week 44

I'm a day late with this post, which feels representative of the rest of my life.  A day late, behind, on over-load.  I know its just for a season, so I'm doing my best to muscle through and more importantly and effectively saying, God, please help me!

Some of it may have to done with the fact that I wasn't home most of the week.  I was able to take advantage of two different photography events within driving distance.  Special thanks to Daddy, Grammy, Pop and Kiki for filling in the gaps so I that I could go.

October 24
Took the three hour drive to New Jersey for a seminar on the business of photography.

 October 25
We took a drive to see my brother's house and his family.  My favorite picture of my mom and available grandkids on her birthday.
 October 26
While the girls napped, Aiden and I stepped outside for a bit to enjoy the nice day.  And yes, he has the same outfit on as the day before.  Ooops.
 October 27
What better thing to take a picture of just before bed?  Shaun brought home one of the leftovers from the final night of The Lost Son.
October 28
Shaun and the kids dropped me off in NYC and I began my three-day experience at PhotoPlus Expo.  This is one of my favorite wedding photographers.  I got my picture taken with her for Avery, who is also a big fan. :)
October 29
A walk around the block before I settled into my hotel room for the evening.
October 30
Still in the city....last day of an amazing three.  Well worth the time and money.  Shaun came and picked me up...we had a nice dinner before heading home.  Homecomings are always so sweet. :)

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The Bug said...

That was a VERY busy week! Glad the expo was worth the time.

Your mom looks great - in fact until I looked closely I thought it was you :)