Sunday, November 28, 2010

project 365, Week 48

We had such a fun week!  It was all about the holidays...Thanksgiving, tree trimming, family.  We are incredibly blessed and completely humbled to think of how good God has been (and is).

November 21
Mr. Trot enjoying the sunshine.
 November 22
This is how I sent Aiden out to play....

....and this is how Amanda was dressed.  She feels no cold.
November 23
One of the (many) outtakes from Attempt #1 of family Christmas pictures.

 November 24
A happy day!  Nana and Grandpa John arrived from Florida.  They were immediately "on duty", playing games, reading books, and watching movies with the kids.
 November 25
Thanksgiving Day!  We ran in the Manchester Road Race before stuffing ourselves.
 Set and ready for a feast.

November 26
Day-after Thanksgiving tradition...tree trimming.  Avery and Amanda were intensely into the whole thing. :)

 November 27
Our sweet birthday girl.

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The Bug said...

Great pictures! Your Thanksgiving table looks gorgeous. Amanda is a cutie - happy birthday to her!

P.S. That Trot is just precious.