Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project 365, Week 45

Its very exciting when the calendar flips to November and we go into full holiday-planning mode!  The girls are already talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, getting excited about family who will be visiting.  SUCH a great time of year!

In bible study we talked about crossroads and it seemed to come up in so many thoughts and conversations this week. 

"Crossroads are times when we have to make a choice as to the direction we will take--that is all.  Every decision leads us somewhere.  Having just taught some new friends who captured my heart--friends who happen to live in two prisons in Arkansas--crossroads takes on a greater significance as I think of the gravity of our decisions.  Like my new friends, many of us don't stop to think about the consequences of our choices and where they will take us." Kay Arthur

October 31
Had a great time hanging out and laughing with this couple for their engagement shoot.  I'll be photographing their wedding on 12-11-10!
Later that evening we went to my dad's for grilled salmon and the kids got to play with some cousins.
November 1
Just Amanda

Avery is working on her barbie's hair, using a fork for a comb.

November 2
Parent Observation graceful!
 November 3
I went to get Aiden out of bed at 2 PM...He slept from 10:30-2 the next day!

November 4
I can't get enough pictures of these two together.

Amanda seems to have mostly mastered putting her shoes on the correct feet, now she wears two different shoes.  So Amanda!  Why be forced to make such a narrow-minded decision about the shoes you are going to wear when you can wear two different ones at the same time. :)
November 6
Friends of ours invited us to join them while they visited their breeder-friend.  They just had a litter of nine labs who are now six weeks old.  The kids had a blast holding them and chasing them around the farm.  Once the breeder sorts out who belongs to who, there may be one left for us to have.

 Is there anything sweeter in the world?? :)


Andrea said...

I think Amanda has made her choice. Such a sweet pic.

Andrea said...

Forgot...I'll have to share with you one of our decision we had to make this week. So neat to hear that they are crossroads and that is how we approached our decision. We'll talk.

mom said...

I'm glad you aren't so rigid that Amanda has to wear matching shoes. Much better to go with her creativity. And then you get a cute picture:) Puppy hunting looked fun.

Meg A. said...

Oh my word, those puppies!! I think you should get 3, 1 for each child! :) Imagine the photo opps!

sara said...

your pictures are absolutely amazing this week!!! Each one made me smile!!

The picture of Amanda's shoes was priceless and so reminds me of my middle that age, he would never wear the same colored socks! Oh to live outside the box like that! Love it!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures this week - love the kids with the puppy - my daughter did the same thing with her shoes and then her toes should be polished different colors on each foot too. Hold on tight to these years - I know you realize they are pricless.

The Bug said...

You know, Aiden looks like such a big boy until you see him on his grandpa's (?) knee - so precious!

Love the puppy picture!