Monday, February 21, 2011

Aiden is Nineteen Months

Every month it is impossible to me that Aiden is another month older but he just keeps right on growing and learning and getting ever more charming.

He says lots and lots of words and makes an attempt to repeat what we say, but his most common words are
Daddy, Mommy (often Mom), A-yee, and E...oh yes, and Choch, Choch
Bash (bath)

He has been into hats beginning this month.  Every time we walk out the door, he gets excited to see Daddy's hats hung up.  At, at!  Daddy at!!  He has a Boston knit one that he loves to wear.

He has the BEST giggle.

Likes to make us laugh by being goofy

So, so picky!  He turns his nose up at things he's never tried or will choose to not eat something that he's eaten in the past.  He eats no meat, no vegetables, except to lick the carrot that he is dipping in hummus.  Very picky about fruit and can't have peanut butter.  Protein is an issue!  He does eat cereal with milk by himself now, often for more than one meal a day.

He adores his sisters and thankfully they are happy to include him....he'll go into Avery's room and say A-ye, eyes.  A-ye, eyes.  And she'll put down whatever she is doing, get out her make-up kit and put eyeshadow on him.  Makes me tear up. :)

Talk about precious.  This is him blowing to kisses to Daddy as he is on his way to work...

He is loved and adored...guess you can kind of see that though. :)


Chelsea said...

Crazy how grown up Amanda looks in that picture of her and Aiden! I guess it depends who you stand next to! Aiden IS getting old very fast! It is sad, but he's not too old to still ask for a little make-up! I love the ages between 18 months and 3. They just seem to learn soooo much!

Meg A. said...

He is SO cute! Just want to pinch those little cheeks!

He and Mason would make quite a pair with their eating habits! What about eggs, will he do those?

LuAnn said...

Those pictures are all so cute. I love the black and white of daddy and son !!!

Amy said...

LOVE that last picture! What a sweet little guy!

Kaleigh said...

Awwww....Aiden is so cute!!