Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365, Week 8

And we close on another week...time is going by alarmingly fast!  We had a treat for the latter part of this week with temperatures getting above freezing, even to 55+ degrees.  SUCH a treat!  You might even say I am a little over-the-top excited about it all once you see the photos.  Alas, its back to frigid computer says its 14 right now.

February 13
We held our annual Valentine's Day Murder Mystery dinner at our house with five other couples.  It was a great time of laughing and sleuthing. 

 While we were doing that, the kids were getting spoiled at Pop and Kiki's house.

Corsages for the girls to wear to church...just the necessities. :)
February 14
If you can believe it, no picture.  Shaun being a tax preparer has put a damper on certain special events.  My birthday opens tax season, his birthday closes it and Valentine's Day falls during the very busy part...he got home at 8:30

February 15
School time!  Looks like an old one-room school the woodstove and everything. :)

 February 16
Ah...we got to go outside.  It wasn't exactly balmy, but we weren't complaining.

February 17
Another day outside, warmer still!

The girls had their dogs on "leashes" and when Aiden saw it, he wanted one, too.  So Avery found him a "dough-dough" of his own and tied a ribbon.  He was completely proud of himself and sat right down so I could capture the cuteness.  They played for hours like that.
February 18
This is an open window...hallelujah!
This is where Shaun spent quite a bit of his surprise.

 February 19
After church there was a "meeting of the minds" so the kids and I ate in the cafe while we waited for Shaun.
 On the way home we all thought the moon was pretty cool...
And that was our was yours?  I'm linking up with Sara today...


sara said...

I had to laugh at the picture of amanda barefoot playing in the snow!!! Definitely a "northern" picture!! :) love it!

The Cyber Hermit said...

I agree with Sara. I love the barefoot in the snow pic.

Mimi said...

We got those warm temperatures here too, and today is't going to snow 4-8 inches. The joys of living in Michigan.

I love the corsages and the leashes for the doggies.

Have a blessed week,

RaD said...

How funny, I have a picture of the moon this week too.

Bummer on your birthdays, I hope you find a great way to celebrate them anyways.

A murder mystery dinner at your house? Do you host it and everything? It sounds like fun!

McCrakensx4 said...

Loving the pic of your little and her bare piggies in the snow...bbbrrr! I have never been to a murder mystery party but I have heard about how much fun they are!

semperfi said...

Love the one room school house!! The barefoot & snow picture is great. Thanks for sharing

LuAnn said...

SChool reminded me of Little House of the Prairie.
I can so relate with the 55 degrees - we only had 50 but I too opened some windows just to get some of the stale air out. And now today it started snowing during church and in suppose to continue through Monday night - up to 18 inches - crazy!!!!

Kim said...

I agree with the others, barefoot in the snow - too cute!
Murder Mystery dinner sounds fun!
Looks like a very good week, even if you couldn't celebrate V-day with your hubby 'cause of his job. We've had a lot of special occasions co-opted by other things, usually ministry-related. Goes with the territory :)
Very cool moon shot!

skoots1mom said...

i'd be out there in my bare feet, too! hahahah
love moon pics

That One Girl said...

That is the most hilarious thing! Barefoot in the snow!

Kaleigh said...

Brrr....I wouldn't go outside without boots on....especially when we are in the middle of winter!! Avery is going to get sick if she keeps going outside in the freezing cold weather!!

The Bug said...

Amanda reminds me of my mom - she would go out in the snow just to cool her feet off. Of course she lived in NC so that wasn't too often.

We had warmer temps this week too - until today - cold drizzly rain. Blech!

Tiffany said...

I love it when my kids find something interesting and play with it for hours:) We have been able to open up windows here in S. GA, too...temps have been in the high 70's for the last several days...and I LOVE IT!!! Have a great week!

momma frans said...

i think its so funny how differently everyone reacts to weather depending on what your accustomed to. your kids are outside barefoot in the snow and 55 degrees is warm. here, when its 55 we're putting on our heaviest layers! lol.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love the barefoot in the snow picture, just to precious!

Great week!

How fun to have a murder mystery party, I'v always thought those sound like to much fun!


rita said...

Warm and a foot of snow? Do those go together?
Adorable pics of the kids!
The moon showed up everywhere!
Fun to see the commonalities each week.


Loved the kiddos. I love kids in the snow...and in winter...and just in general....and yours are adorable.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I can't imagine how her little piggies must have REALLY felt in that melted snow on the sidewalk!! Wow. Makes me shiver!! :)

My kids do that dog/leash game, too!