Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365, Week 6

Today is supposed to be close to 40 degrees and that is going to feel so warm...and so hopeful!  It snowed on Tuesday and my car got shoveled out Friday so we had a quiet, close-to-home week here.

January 30
Mimi took Amanda out to see a show and ice cream as part of her Christmas present.

 While they were there, we were party-crashing.  I was graciously invited to a mini high school reunion...a high school that I didn't go to. :)  Shelva, my best friend growing up went to an all-girls private catholic school.  All the girls were very close and I got to know several of them.  We've kept in touch in various ways over the years but don't see each other very often.  It was a treat to spend a couple hours with them and catch up and meet each other's children.

I was so surprised by how many YOUNG children were there.  Easily more than half were pre-school and younger, with many under one.  30 IS the new 20! :)  Thanks, Michelle, for organizing it and extending the invitation.  So good to see you, pretty Ladies.  And Shelva...we missed you!
January 31
Someone at the local high school updates this sign regularly.  I had to laugh (and turn around and take a picture :)) at the latest message.
The kids know right where Great-Grandpa keeps his stash of cookies and he delights in indulging them.  So sweet.
February 1
We arranged to have cousins come for a visit so we could be snowed in together.  After they'd gone out to play in it, it was time to settle down so the babies could nap.  When they started arguing about which movie to watch (12 years olds have different tastes than 4 year olds...go figure!) I had the bright idea to go ask our neighbor if we could borrow a movie.

They work in the school system so they were home for the day due to snow.  He said, why don't you just come watch it in the theater.  Madison's eyes lit up and after trying to politely decline we agreed.   The kids threw on boots and coats and walked across the street to their sweet home theater, complete with theater seats, popcorn and candy and a library of over 600 movies!  I stayed home with the sleeping babies so I charged Madison with taking pictures...she did great.

I was completely convicted and challenged by my neighbor's action.  I am NOT a drop-everything-on-my-to-do-list-and-watch-a-movie-with-six-kids-in-the-middle-of-the-afternoon kind of person, but I saw how very much that gesture meant to the kids.  They came back bubbling with stories and sparkles in their eyes.  Something to work on...

getting dressed...optional
 February 2
Avery was complaining about her food so I made her write five things she was grateful for.  In the process, she complained again, so I tacked on a sixth.
I am thankful for:
that cousins are here
that we have a beautiful house
that we have a nice warm fire
that I can talk

February 3
Oh, this dog!  Do NOT let that cute face fool you.
February 4

My nephew's hockey team had the opportunity to play a game in the civic center before an AHL game.  BIG time for a seven year-old.
 There's Nathanael...getting ready to break away. :)
 Later, we went to watch Daddy play basketball.  They lost but it was a great game!
February 5
Many times throughout the day Aiden brings a book to me to read.  Love the snuggle time with him!  This has been a favorite this week...What Snowmen Do At Night...really cute story if you are looking for new ones.
I am linking up this week at Sara's blog.


Andrea said...

Yes, a cute book. Cute to have the older ones write what their snowman would do at night. Fun to see their response.

sara said...

lots of snow in your area!!!

yes, 30 IS the new 20 because 50 is the new 40!! :)

love the sign!

what a great neighbor and a fun treat for the kids!

oh Trot...not good to chew on the master's shoes!!!

The Cyber Hermit said...

The dog pic is adorable. The dog chewing...not so much :).


Ouch....sorry about the shoe. His face is the kind that make it hard to yell at. Home awesome is that. How nice to let the kids come and watch something.

Mimi said...

How can you resist that puppy face.

Now I want to know what snowmen do at night!

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

What fun for the kids to watch a movie in a home theater. Of course, for me the best part would be that they're next door :)

I think it's great that Aiden wants to be read to. Hopefully he'll continue his love of books as he grows up.

Amy said...

What great pictures!! Love the surprise movie day, and that doggy (too cute). That snow and the sign really sums up most of the United States this week. Me, here in CA, not so much.

Great week.

Kaleigh said...

Awww....That is a cute pic of the dog! Those pics of the kids and their cousins! Check out my blog!
-kaleigh sharp

Kaleigh said...

Awww....Those r cute pics of your kids and their cousins...The dog pic is really cute too!!
-Kaleigh sharp

RaD said...

Awwww.... but the pup is sooo cute! Actually I remember when our dog was at that age, chewing everything in sight. I seriously wondered what were thinking getting a pup and having a baby in the house too. What a combo that was.

How nice that the neighbor had all the kids over for a special day. Kids really need more adults who would invest in them like that.

Connie said...

That is a GREAT book! We have it and the kids still enjoy it at 11, 8 and 7!

rita said...

Love the thank you prayer.