Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project 365, Week 7

Better late than never, as they say....

February 6
  After church, the kids and I hung out...napping, taking pictures and jumping on the bed.  When Daddy got home from work the girls asked if he would take them out to eat.  Of course he couldn't say no, so we went to Friendlys.  Restaurants are pretty quiet during the superbowl. :)  We did catch the 4th quarter and were happy with the outcome.  

February 7
My friend Shelva and her kids came over to play and chat.  Later, Avery wanted to make a project so we pulled out all the beads.  Aiden was surprisingly good at stringing the beads.

 February 8
A brief snow with enormous flakes.  So pretty coming down.
 February 9
For two days Avery has walked around with my broken ipod, pretending to be listening.  She's getting so big.

 February 10
This morning was SO cold.  I don't ever check the weather, but the more we walked, the more I knew it was cold.  Later, Shaun told me it was -4!  The dog has no idea how much I sacrifice for him. :)
 After some time with Grammy, the girls wanted all their things arranged the same way when they went down for naps

 February 11
Warmer today...I've been a little obsessed with these ice-removing tools.  I go out in 15-minute intervals, working to clear the path from the door to the car.

February 12
In the morning we went to Symeon's 3rd birthday party and the kids had a blast.  Funny story about being a kid...we were about a mile into our trip and one of the girls asked where the party was.  I said its where we've gone to see Shelva before.  Avery said, yeah she lives in PA.  I said, well actually Shelva just moved to CO.  Avery said, oh, are we getting on a plane Mom?  Ha!  What a life....you get in the car and have no idea where you are going, how you are going to get there or how long you are going to stay.  (Shelva was actually visiting her parents, 20 minutes away).
As we were leaving, Avery spotted this huge snowman and took a picture.

Later that evening, I dropped the kids off at Pop and Kiki's and was the photographer for a Policeman's Ball charity function.


The Bug said...

What cute redheads! I wish I could wear my hair like Shelva...

That is a LOT of snow - and although the dog doesn't know how much you're sacrificing I'm sure he appreciates it :)

Darla said...

your wonderful photography is making me feel so inadequate about my photos and blog....LOL. you certainly do have a gift of capturing the feel of the moment. good job!

{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

You are so good at this 365 project! I started for a week and quickly realized that I just don't have what it takes, not right now anyway. :) I love looking at your pics though, you are so talented!

Kaleigh said...

Wow!!.....Avery and amanda are getting so big!! You r a really talented photographer....I wish I was as good as u!!
-kaleigh sharp