Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

This was a busy birthday weekend!  We began on Saturday night with a surprise party for my BIL Nathan who was turning 30.  It was a "The Office" themed party and his friends really got into it.

Then on Sunday afternoon, we went to Shaun's grandfather's house to celebrate with him.  He had four of his grandchildren and four of his great-grandchildren with him.  We are thankful for every chance we have to see him.

Side story: his son-in-law (who we don't see very often) is a police officer.  He was there, wearing a boot cast because he broke his leg.    He and Amanda had a fun time together and she kept calling him "the guy with the black leg".  Later, on the way home, Amanda was telling us about something "the guy with the black leg" did that was so silly.  Shaun said, "You know, that guy is a police officer".   Then they did the no he's not, yes he is back and forth for a bit.  Finally, incredulously,  Amanda asked, "Well...what is he doing in a family??"  :)

From there, we went to my sister's house to do some more birthday celebrating.  Now that my parent's little family of six as grown to 27 and counting, we have started doing quarterly birthday parties.  Here's the Q1 crew:

Bobbi got special treatment because he turned 60 the day before.  Special, as in he got to have his face painted. :)
 I like to get a cousin picture when they are all together.
And here is the new decade club.  All of these will have or have had a "big" birthday in 2011.  I'll leave you to guess which decade. :)
And here's just a couple fun ones from the evening.  Our family is far from perfect, but I sure am thankful we are functional enough to all be in the same room occasionally and enjoy each others company.  We are blessed!

Aiden was NOT into hitting the pinata.  I think he was disturbed that we were destroying a perfectly good ball. :)
 Amanda didn't have a problem with it though.
 And this picture of Avery makes me laugh.   She is girl-ly!
We missed you, Kiki!  I feel bad that you were sick and couldn't come, especially since you most likely got that bug from my kids!

But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, 
   the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Psalm 33:11


Meg A. said...

Oh my word, that's a lot of cake in 1 weekend! :) P.S. I can't believe Shaun is in the "new decade club"! Would have never guessed.

Kaleigh said...

Wow....u guys must be tuckered out from ALL those partys in 1 week!