Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project 365, Week 13

We had a good week here...can't believe how unbelievably fast they are flying by!  Also can't believe how unbelievably cold it still is as we approach April.  So thankful for our woodstove and for my manly man who makes it happen.

March 20
First day of Spring!  We enjoyed it with family doing a birthday party for each side.  Shaun's grandfather....
And a whole bunch of us who had a birthday in the first quarter of the year.  Yes, its had to come to that!
 March 21
The kids played for quite a while making a train and then asked me to take a picture.  Aiden was only partly willing to be involved. :)
 March 22
Parent Observation Day at Avery's dance school.  I'll post more this week...she's such a graceful, beautiful dancer (in my unbiased opinion).
 March 23
No picture from today.  I was busy putting the final touches on updating my website.  Check it out!

March 24
We got a package in the mail from a friend that made our day!  Here Amanda is modeling her new hair bow.  And when Aiden saw me taking a picture he ran over and sat right down. :)

A couple days later the girls were telling their cousin about their new gifts from Symeon.  Their cousin asked, "Who's Symeon?"  Amanda said, "He's three.  He just had a birthday." as if that explained everything. :)
 March 25
After dropping Avery off, we went to see my cousin who was in the area for the day.  He is a regional manager for a sporting goods store so we hung out there for a bit.  Aiden went right for the balls and was thrilled when Johnny took it out of the box for him.  Amanda picked out one, too and will be starting soccer soon.  When it came time to leave, Johnny couldn't bear to put the balls back, so he gifted them to the sweet!  They've gotten LOTS of use in the last couple days.

After, I took the kids to the mall playscape for Amanda and Aiden could socialize with the parents play with the other kids.
 March 26
A cousin sleepover...always a big hit!
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Melody said...

March 25 makes me so happy! So glad you got to meet up :)

sara said...

Aiden is looking so BIG!!! It just seems like all of a sudden in your pictures he no longer looks like a baby!!!

love the ballet picture!!! those sweet legs!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. love the train picture so creative

The Cyber Hermit said...

I love the hair bow picture and how Amanda looks so happy in it and the two of them together are just adorable.

RaD said...

When you have a large family, you do what you have to to celebrate birthdays.

I like the ballet pic.

rita said...

It's fun to watch those little dancers develop into such graceful beauties. We are taking our granddaughter to a ballet seminar in Las Vegas in July. We are excited.
As always--such great pics of your beautiful children.
Cousin time-fun for all ages.

The Bug said...

Great pictures again this week. My favorites are the train & the hairbow picture :) AND I love the reference to Amanda socializing with the parents.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Wonderful pictures.

Loved the ballerina picture.


McCrakensx4 said...

What a great love love the ballet slipper shot...very cool perspective! And how nice to get new soccer for sure!