Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365, Week 10

We've arrived at March!  Spring is in the air, despite the snow still on the ground.  I will believe in faith as Amanda does when praying over dinner.  Thank you got for this beautiful day and for the food and for the ice-cream and for the popcorn....Ha!

February 27
Shaun and his two brothers play on the same basketball team so their sister Sarah and her family came out to watch the last regular season game.  That meant all the cousins were together, which obviously calls for a picture!

Earlier, the girls were playing "camping".

February 28
A rainy day but stopped later in the afternoon, so we went out to play.  Two cousins came for a sleepover and the girls all had a fabulous time. 

March 1
The next morning they huddled by the fire watching Little Bear while I made breakfast.
 Shaun went in to work late so he got to meet his newest nephew for the first time.
Little Wyatt had gotten so big since we'd seen him last.  He was all smiles and my three kids were clamoring to hold him.
 This was also the first time the swings have been used since October?  November?  A little tricky pushing on top of a snow mound, but we figured it out.
 March 2
Aiden loves his baby and really know how to care for him/her pretty well.
 March 3
I don't usually take pictures when we go to the nursing home just in case it makes someone feel uncomfortable (that and I'm trying to keep Aiden out of the bathrooms or candy dishes or from turning off oxygen machines...which he almost managed this day) but this was too cute.  First Amanda got on this lady's lap and I pushed them around for a ride then Amanda was doing doughnuts with her.  They were both giggling and having a grand time.

I'm thankful for the relationships we've built with the residents who are of sound mind and have a memory that can remember us from week to week.  There are a few the kids call Grandma so and so and we even love seeing the great staff, too.
 March 4
Such a treat to have Shaun around more.
 I think I've out-smarted a one-year old.  I bought these to try on Aiden and he fell for it and seems to like them.  Amanda declares they taste like fish food and, believe me, she would know.
 March 5
All three kids have been on a baby kick.  Buckle up for safety!
 As we were walking into the library, I stopped dead in my tracks.  Green!  Life! Soon-to-be flowers!!  Glory be!
 I'll be linking up with Sara this week, if she makes it through her weekend! :)


beckyjomama said...

Great Pics - love that sweet baby face in black and white! And the girls lined up watching TV is PRECIOUS!

Momagoose said...

So many great pics this week... Love Avery's signature serious face! Awesome shot of Shaun with Wyatt and the black & white w/a touch of green poking through - awesome! You are such a blessing!!!

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

These pictures are fantastic!!! Adorable kids - just precious!!! Have a great week...

LuAnn said...

Your kids are so photogenic !!!
I also enjoyed the picture of the kids watching T.V. in their jams. Their faces crack me up.

Joel and Phil are coaching a 6th grade traveling team together. I so enjoy watching them coach together. So winning first yesterday was a big deal.

We have tickets for a Brewer/REd Sox game on June 17th. When it gets closer maybe we can see if it would work to meetif that would be o.k. with you. Phil loves the Soxs so thought it would be fun to drive out to a game. Joel and I we love the Brewers 0should be fun !!!

RaD said...

Boy there were a lot of baby pics this week weren't there.

I think it's great you take your children to the nursing home to visit. I'll be the residents love them!

He & Me + 3 said...

I think that is wonderful that you take the kids to the nursing home each week. I remember when I was little we would go on Sundays and hold church for them during our sunday school hour. It was so wonderful.
Love the baby doll kick. I wish my kids were still that little. *sigh*

The Bug said...

Great pictures again this week - LOVE the TV picture - they're just so serious & concerned.

Mimi said...

I love that your kids get to spend so much time with extended family. I loved that when I was little.

Have a great week,

Amy said...

AWESOME cousin picture!!! I'd imagine 5 is easier to photograph than 15..totally sweet!!!!! Sad that your Monday picture is as close to camping as the girls will ever get.


I loved every single one of your children pictures. The facial expressions were adorable. Loved the little sprout of green at the end too....spring is coming.

sara said...

great pictures as usual!

did Aiden fall? It looks like he has a pretty good scrape on his nose!

Avery has the prettiest smile I've seen!!!!