Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365, Week 12

Happy Spring!  Avery reminded me this morning that it is official today and we are so thrilled!  I have lots and lots of photos this week, which usually means I should have done another post or two during the week, but here we are and here it is:

March 13
Aiden and Avery were sick, so Amanda got to go to her very first play practice for Passion of the King.  She was beyond excited to be going and getting alone time with her daddy.  She carefully picked out her outfit and her snack. :)
March 14
I was at a photographer's conference and Shaun had to work, so the kids spent the night at Pop and Kiki's.  A great big thank you to them for taking two sick kids.  I felt like a horrible mom when Avery called me saying she had just thrown up, but I knew she was in good hands.
When we met up later Pop and Kiki took us to Five Guys.  It was my first experience and it was fun (and yummy!)

March 15
The girls bedroom was about 55 degrees, yet they came down in their bathing suits.  They actually wore them for four straight days.
 March 16
Our local private catholic school was having an open house all week, so we took the kids to check it out.  Back in December we spent a couple hours with the principal, talking and walking around, but we wanted the girls to see it as well.
We've pretty much decided that is where at least Avery will go next year.  The girls decided that it was a good place after the chef gave them ice cream.  :)  Actually, they were most surprised/excited that there were books in every room.  Though I cannot spend any time thinking what it will be like to watch my first born walk in those school doors without me, we are totally comfortable and at peace with this option.

As we were talking with the principal, Amanda was trying to get out a question.  I was praying, please God, please God. :)  There was a framed photo of the faculty at Christmas time and Amanda asked why Mary is the picture. (her statue, in back, center).  We'll have to do a little Catholicism 101 this summer.
Can't even remember where I saw it, but someone had committed to taking a family "portrait" each month.  I am going to attempt to do that, with perfection NOT in mind.  So here is March 2011.

 March 17
We live in a college town, so St. Patty's Day is a very BIG holiday around here.  We were just thankful that it was a beautiful day out.
March 18
Another amazing, in the 70's, day.  The girls "went camping".  In this picture they were preparing their stick for roasting in the campfire.

 March 19
Play practice days got switched around so I ended up taking the girls.  Wow...what a big bunch of kids!
 A surprise party for my BIL Nathan who turned the big 3-0.
 LOVE this moment.  These two could not have been happier.


LuAnn said...

What a happy week.

We sent our kids to Christian schools and never regret it for a minute. Phil is a junior in our Lutheran High School in town.

Now makes me nervous that he is looking at a few public universitys and had one Lutheran college too. I always felt it was a way to keep him sheltered all these years. His high scholl has 370 kids and our public high school has 2600 kids.

Enjoy your week !!!

sara said...

what a great week of pictures!!!

I love that the girls wore their bathing suits for 4 days!!!! nothing but optimism in that house!!!

My kids have been in both public and private schools. My advice to young parents is... take it a year at a time, a kid at a time. She will love school next year!!

Chelsea said...

LOVE the pics this week! I have heard great things about that school! No matter how strong you think you will be...try to drop her off on the first day alone...with no kids with you...cause...well, if you are anything like me, you will have to run quick to your car and cry for like an hour...and not just a little eye sobbing! lol..Avery will love it! So excited to hear about your journey! School takes on a life of it's own! lol...Love the last pic...def great! Good for you for letting the girls wear their bathing suits for 4 days...I can't seem to let Vanessa wear the same headband for too many days in a row. A little OCD of me I guess.

The Bug said...

As usual, great pictures of the kids. LOVE Amanda's outfit in Monday's picture - she is too cute.

I went to a Christian kindergarten (I think it was because our public school didn't have a kindergarten program - yes, I am that old). I remember that I had to actually WORK & didn't know what fingerpainting was until years later :)

Momagoose said...

LOVE the family picture and the girls in their swimsuits for 4 days!!! Hahahaha! :)

Kaleigh said...

I love that pic. of the girls in there bathing suites for 4 days....LOL!!