Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toothfairy and Other Nonsense

A couple nights ago Aiden and I were picking blocks up off the floor when I found one of Trot's puppy teeth.  Mercifully, he is loosing those sharp little things that have ripped holes in nearly all of Amanda's shirts around the waist, nevermind our skin.

I showed the girls and they could not guess what it was, but finally after blatant hints, they did.  Amanda asked her dad, Daddy, if I put Trot's tooth under my pillow will I get money?  Ha!  I wondered where she got this from because we have not entered the loosing-teeth stage in this house yet.  The answer?  Super Why.  TV...nice.

When it came time for bed, Amanda was actually horrified at the thought of having the tooth under her pillow, but Avery wanted to.  In the morning, much to her surprise and astonishment, there was a dog biscuit under her pillow.  She came down wide-eyed and shocked and said, Mom!  The tooth fairy left me a bone!  Apparently Super Why does a good job talking about the tooth fairy because she didn't question if I'd left it.  Is that odd for a mature five year-old?  I guess I'll have to be more careful what they watch.  :) Anyway, Shaun and I got a good laugh out of it.

Speaking of good laughs, this just cracks me up.  I think its especially funny because it reminds me of Amanda's nonsense talk.  Sometimes, most often when she's tired, she will start spouting off completely random, out-of-context things that, strung together, have absolutely no meaning.


{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

I'm laughing so hard at that video that there are tears in my eyes! Hilarious! And I agree, it does remind me of a child's random gibberish. Thanks for sharing!

Kaleigh said...

That video is soooo funny!! Thanks for sharing the funny video with me!!

Amy said...

I laughed and laughed at the video. I LOVE the dog biscuit! Great idea! We did do the tooth fairy in our house even though we don't do Santa. It seemed innocent enought. Although I stick to my motto that I do NOT lie to my kids, so as soon as the two older suspected it might be a parent leaving dollars I fessed up, but encouraged them to keep the secret to themselves. As we say, "Don't lick the sprinkles from the younger ones."

Chelsea said...

I didn't grow up believing in the tooth when Vanessa lost a tooth and left a age 6..I was surprised...and the tooth fairy left her a necklace with a little bottle of fairy dust in it. At age 8..almost 9...she still believes...Sydney however, questions...I never answer one way or the other...cause I don't like to lie either..but I certainly don't want to squash any I play along. :) I think Vanessa knows - about Santa and the tooth fairy, but she chooses to believe. I have left her hints from time to time...that any child would "get" if they WANTED to KNOW the truth, but she prefers to keep playing the game! Also, get ready for Avery - Sydney has a VERY loose tooth...Any day now! She has been asking me to pull it out for weeks! lol..I love the bone thing. That's cute.