Saturday, July 28, 2012

Football Camp

This week we entered a new phase in this crazy new journey we are!  The very first time we met Z, before it was even decided that he would come live with us, he asked if he could play football.

That was before we knew which end was up with all of this (still figuring that out) so we gave a "we'll see".  After some research and several talks, its been decided he is going to play football this season....practice starts next week.

A neighboring town held a football camp that I thought would be beneficial to him, having never played any organized football, or sport for that matter, other than baseball this past spring.  Turns out it was beneficial for both of us.

We checked in the first evening and were handed our equipment...helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, undergarments, pants, thigh pads, hip pads, knee pads....then we were sent on our way.  I felt like a fish out of water trying to figure out which pad went in which pocket, wondering for the millionth time with my did I get here??

 The kids just love Z and everything he does.

 Just yesterday I was one of the girlfriends watching my man play ball.  Now I'm a mom of four fumbling with football gear and taking little boys potty behind trees.

 He worked really hard and gained some skills and confidence.  Some comments from the coaches:

Your son is one tough kid.  He likes to tackle and be tackled...we need guys like him on the field.  Yeah...he's tough.

That kid's quite the athlete!  I know you are signed up for the league in your town, but we'd love to have him....maybe next year.  He really is a great athlete.

Really nice running today (to Z from an older player).

During his game on the last night, I heard him being called by last name often.  Way to go ---!  Nice ---! ---, great tackle!

I love to watch him out on the field, the great equalizer.  There on the turf, the boys are judged by their abilities, commitment and hard work, not by their family situations.  There he can be a kid and leave the weight of the real world on the sidelines.

I make sure he knows that his talent is God-given and we are both excited to see what plans He has for Z....I will keep this in mind during my endless trips back and forth to the field this summer/fall.  :)

That's him in the white socks and shiny new cleats.

I move on toward the goal to win the prize. God has appointed me to win it. The heavenly prize is Christ Jesus himself.
Philippians 3:14


sara said...

oh this brought back so many memories! Jason played football 6-8th grade. I had to get used to the sound of those pads slap together on the field....hard for this baseball mom!! and trying to get those pads in the pants took more skill than I had at times!!! :)

The Bug said...

Aiden is adorable in those pads - ha!

My brother had a heart murmur & wasn't allowed to play football when he was a kid (it "disappeared" later so he could play in high school but by then it was really too late), so I'm not used to watching football at this level. But I'll bet it's an excellent way for Z to channel his confusion & any anger that he might have over his situation in a more healthy manner.