Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just For Today

The day was just barely kicked off, the sun not even all the way up and already I was in awe of all the things that were going to be demanded of me today.  Self-doubt creeped in and a wave of overwhelmed-ness washed over me and I was brought to my knees...literally.  And then I started to remember some of God's promises for me and I told Him, just for today....

I'm going to trust that You are God

I'm going to thank you for the work and people You have given me

I'm going to believe that my strength comes from You

I'm going to be brave and courageous, knowing Your spirit gives me power

I'm going to count it ALL joy

I'm going to do my work as unto the Lord and not to men

I'm going to give You thanks and praise, because You are so worthy

I'm going to speak that my help comes from You

I'm going to rest in the knowledge that I am Your child...and You love me

1 comment:

Meg A. said...

Such sweet, breath-taking, heart-pounding, inspiring TRUTH.