Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project 365, Week 27

Is it me, or does it feel weird having a holiday right in the middle of the week?  Even though Shaun and I both worked that day, it still made the week feel different.  Maybe its just because this was our first full week of summer at home with no school.

I thought it'd be harder getting back into things after a week away, but thanks to the laundry facilities in our vacation house, there wasn't a ton to do when we got back except jump right in to real life.

July 1
My dad invited us to a picnic they were having at his church, where he is pastor AND chef.  :)

 July 2
Early morning drop off for our church's kids camp!  This was Z's first time doing a camp of any sort and he wasn't quite convinced about the whole thing, but the older cousins have been several years and know how much fun it is.  This was the first year Allie was old enough and next year Avery will be. :(
 When Pop and Kiki learned that Z would be gone for five days, they offered to take our kids so we could have a little break...SO thankful!  Ideally, we would have loved to have gone away overnight because its been quite a while, but instead we used the time to work extra hard.

Three of four apartments in one house are vacant, so there is a bit of a sense of urgency.  :)  Because I didn't have the kids, I was able to do my work AND spend some time helping Shaun.  It was fun to be working along side each other.
July 3
More of the same.
July 4
I shot a wedding.  It was a second marriage for this widow and widower and they kept it to just immediate family....small but lovely.
Then it was to my dad's for good food, cousins and slip-n-slide (on steroids!)
 July 5
Great Grandpa is rehabing at the same nursing home that we visit.  It'd been a couple months since we were there because I've been using the "visit old people" time slots of our week to visit him at his home.

Anyway, it was good to be back!  We are like celebrities there and it was fun to see all our old favorites, both residents and staff.  Sadly, we learned that our very favorite-est resident had passed away.  I'm so grateful that I talked to her about Jesus the last time I saw her....I believe I will see her again!
 I wish I had it on video...Aiden was getting dirt in his shovel and then dumping it in the wheelbarrow...just like Dad!  That kid is a worker bee!
July 6
Aiden and Daddy out working in the shop.  Shaun is so, so good about incorporating the kids wherever and whenever he can...such patience!

We picked up Z from camp...turns out, camp is kinda fun.  :)  We went to McD (its against my religion to go there, but its also Z's favorite place, so...) to celebrate him being home.  They had a playscape and free face painting so my mom stayed there with the kids while I went to *Bucks to meet with potential wedding clients.

I booked the 2013 wedding (my third confirmed for next year!) and the kids had a blast.  Avery was hoping the wedding was later that evening so she could stay with Grammy longer.  :)
For McD, amazing, right?  I told the artist that she was right in line with the face painters at Disney...then I tipped her really well.  :)
July 7
We walked down to the apartment building on a mission to help Daddy.
 My hard-working crew!

 Shaun and I got three "quiet" moments together.  :)
Have a fantastic week...its SUMMER!!


Melody said...

You have a great week, too! Love you!

LuAnn said...

Love how the kids pitch in too help.

Glad you like my book picture. We hit the library yesterday and each sat on the floor trying to decide. My mom has been reading Belva Plain books, overall she says her books are good. Last summer
I read Beverly Lewis, She is a Christian author who writes about the amish. We love to read but vacation seems the only tme we have to do it.

12 more days till we leave. 7 days of books, beach, water, sailing, food and time with Joel's aunt, unlce and cousins. We are really looking forward to it.

Enjoy your week!

Hey I have to ask you - have you heard of instagram. Kinda like blogging with pictures and sharing with your friends. It is taking pictures on your phone on instagram app. Thought you might enjoy it !!!

The Bug said...

That picture of Aiden with the bottle of cleaner - cracks me up! I'm glad you got to spend some alone time with Shaun - even if it was hard work.