Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project 365, Week 30

It was a very good, "quiet" week, just overshadowed by the fact that we are on week ? of Shaun not being around.  It starts to wear on us all, but other than an occasional "i miss you" or my weekly complaint here, I think I'm holding it together...there is really no benefit that I can see to acting otherwise.  It is what it is and, despite it all, you gotta love residual income!  :)

July 22
I guess I deleted the picture for today...Nathanael slept over and the boys went to a very unofficial football "get together" and worked on some plays.

July 23
First day of half-marathon training.  I'm working hard with the weight training and stretching to try to get my knee through to the end.  I do all kinds of exercise, but running tops it all.
 July 24
When I went to get Z from football camp, there was a couple playing tennis together.  I was insanely jealous that they were out, alone, having fun and just being together.  People do that??

But then I turned the corner and saw this and was better again.

July 25
Apartment 2 of 3 is wrapping up, thank the Lord!  As always, Shaun has done an incredible job.

Lots of electrical, plumbing, foundational stuff you can't see, but it should be good for a while now.

Kiki took the kids on an adventure to Newport on a gorgeous day and I was able to pound out a bunch of work.  I just love this picture!!  The little stinker gets up super early when he is staying with them.  He and Pop are having their morning coffee together....only at grandparents house!  :)
Speaking of the Lil' Stinker, Kiki said he was quite the lady's man at the park...sharing his chips and flirting like crazy.  Oh my...I fear I may make a terrible mother-in-law.  :)
 July 26
I'm not big into gimmicks, but this ball thrower is one of the best things ever.  It throws the ball really far and it picks it up without me having to touch a slimy ball.  Just can't believe I spent 13 years of dog ownership without one!

I ran on the track at the highschool and Trot gave up before me.
 July 27
Fridays is Fun Friday around here...I might explain in another post, because its actually working quite well.  Pretty comical outing of mini-golf and slushies with these three.
On the final evening of football camp, the boys played in a scrimmage.  Of all the sports to watch, football is among my favorites...I'm just not used to cringing and holding my breath during games.  (He's the one with the ball)

 July 28
Speaking of comical, I just could not love this bunch any more.  This scene on the way to the apartments just kills me.
 We got Aiden a lawnmower for his birthday and he's been asking Shaun everyday since when he is going to mow the lawn.  The big day finally arrived!!

Hope your week is a great one!


LuAnn said...

I have to laugh at those three on the sidewalk. How cute is that and Trot too.

Enjoy your week.

The Bug said...

Love their outfits in that sidewalk picture - so chic!

Boy if I lived in your area I would insist on living in one of your apartments - they look fabulous!