Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Outerbanks Awesomeness II

Some photos from Outerbanks...I'll write about it soon, just wanted to get some pictures posted.  There is no point in separating them by days because each day was similar...we ate, we swam, we slept.  Sometimes we swam before we ate, sometimes we slept before and/or after we ate....you know, whatever worked, whatever we were in the mood for....tough life!

Playing poolside at the community pool

 A little football in the driveway

 Perfect little alcove for chats
 An entire afternoon's worth of Axis and Allies
 Swimming on the tail end of a storm

 The crew who braved a few lightning bolts
 The view from our back deck
 My one and only

 View from our front porch...you can see the blue of the ocean
 This is where we sat every morning to watch the sun come up...each morning we saw birds and dolphins, this morning we also saw a deer.  See her in the middle?
 Morning walk on the beach...exercise and solitude, amazed by all God created

 I spent much time in the pool.  Both the pool and the ocean were a perfect temperature and it was so much fun splashing around with (or without) the kids.  Often I'd go in to hold Aiden and then lose him to the hot tub.
 Speaking of Aiden....

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LuAnn said...

your pictures make me smile. I look forward to spending time with my family today.