Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outerbanks Awesomeness III

Yesterday someone asked me how our vacation was.  I answered that it was great and we even all came back still on speaking terms!  :) The house was extremely conducive to having our 34 people all under one roof.  Each family (seven) had their own bedroom and private full bathroom, in addition there were two bedroom with sets of bunk beds...we made one an older girls room, the other an older boys room.  There was a very large cathedral-ceilinged common area and three floors of living space.

We also had our own pool and hot tub, pool table, TVs everywhere, though I never saw one on.  We were a very short walk to the beach so the big decision of the day was whether we wanted to swim in the ocean or the pool.

We were there seven nights so each family took a turn for making dinner for the house.  That kept most of us out of the kitchen most of the time...perfect!

Perfect, in fact, is how most of the family are describing our week.  It really was a great time of vacation and family...great weather, great accommodations, great food, great travel, great company.  So many good memories were made and relationships strengthened.

 One day we took a field trip to nearby Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers first flew.  It was very cool to see where it all began.  That was the only real outing we did....others saw the sand dunes, the wild horses and did parasailing.

 Our sunrise crew grew!  Its normally just my uncle and me out there every morning but we were happy to welcome some others this year.  For Johnny, Lauren and Z this trip was the first time they had ever seen the sun rise....knowing how amazing and special that time of day is, that seems kind of crazy to me.

However, I guess there is the argument out there that getting up everyday before the sun on vacation is a bit crazy.  Different strokes, as they say.

 Our path to the beach
 A gaggle of children headed to the playscape.
 The bouquet Amanda made me along the way.

 This must have been our night for dinner because I'm in the kitchen.
Mexican night was the all-around favorite.


Melody said...

gorgeous pictures, Lisa, thanks for capturing our perfect vacation!

Amy said...

awesomess indeed! so wish I could just copy and paste your posts. i gotta get on mine!

LuAnn said...

What an amazing time for your family. Your shots are great Lisa !!!

The Bug said...

What an amazing house for your family to stay in! I gotta say that in the group pictures I have a hard time telling you from your sisters :)

I love all the pics, but my favorite is the one with Amanda of the wild hair - adorable!

Meg A. said...

LOVE all of these! So nice to get so many details from your week! Can't wait to hear about it in person!