Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project 365, Week 29

We had our fifth heat wave of the year this week and I couldn't be more happy about it....I'm a huge fan of global warming.  :)  Our week in part, in pictures...

July 15
What do you do with 5 kids and a dog who all need exercise on a hot day?  Bring them to the river, of course!
 Later we went to help Daddy at the apartment, which incidentally, has some great places for hide-n-seek.
 We dropped A off with her foster mom.  Earlier that day, Amanda had confided to me, Mom when A leaves, I'm going to say 'phew' (as she swept a hand across her brow in dramatic fashion).  After we left her, Amanda said This is a sad day.  I was feeling the "phew" myself.  :)

The two grandmothers watched the kids while I did an engagement session in between raindrops.

July 16
After VBS we went for lunch and a dip.
 Avery declared this to be her favorite meal ever, so I thought I better take a picture.  :)
 July 17
UCONN Dairy Bar with Pop and Kiki...I love warm summer nights...and this face!
 July 18
The kids made themselves at home in the lounge area of the car dealership.  The salesman got the TV turned on and later reported that he tried three different shows before finding one the kids said they were allowed to watch.

We still haven't bought a car, but its becoming more apparent we'll need the extra seating sooner than later.
 July 19
The kids and I walked down to the Third Thursday Street Fest.

 July 20
Shaun and I were called in to the principal's office at school to discuss Amanda's test scores from her recent three days of testing.  She scored very low and Sister Mark was questioning whether she is ready for 1st grade or should enter K.

We assured her Amanda was very bright, she just has some focus and attitude problems.  Later Shaun and I sat her down and had a very serious conversation with her.  Eventually, we pulled out the test booklet to ask her about the specific test she took.

Shaun opened to this page where she was to read the sentence and mark the picture that the sentence best describes.  Without hesitation she read, I see the sun.

Shaun: Which picture goes with that sentence?
Amanda: (points to the sun in the far right)
Shaun: Well then, why did you pick the rainbow during the test?
Amanda: Because it was the prettiest one.

She IS going into first grade, primarily on her sister's reputation, but we have some work to do, specifically, following directions and test-taking skills.  I'm thinking September might be a bit of a challenging month for all involved.  :)
 Last day of VBS.  Since we missed our church's program due to vacation, we chose a local church that had a convenient week.  It was 9-12:15 daily and the kids had a blast!  I was very impressed with how well the program was run.  Thankful for all the seeds that were planted in my kids (and, let's be honest, my free mornings! :).

Aiden was happy to see it end though.  On the last morning that I woke him up at 8:30, he was clawing and pulling on his blankets in an attempt to stay in bed.  He said, Mom...I didn't get so much sleep!
 July 21
It was an incredible weather day here and I got to shoot a wedding.  The bride's two brothers were making a live Oreo here.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...the kids taking a dinner break after working hard helping Daddy.


sara said...

what a fun week!!! But you can have the heat wave...take ours!!!

Love those out-of-the-box thinkers!!! Amanda will do great in first grade!

LuAnn said...

You are an amazing wife, mother, photographer and person to me.
With you handling all the kids, the photo shoots, helping Shaun etc....
The Lord has blessed you with many gifts but I have to say you got an extra dose of patiences in my book.

Have a great week. No photos for me this week. On vacation. Trying to post on the daily blessings blog picutres of our day.

hugs to you !

The Bug said...

Oh that Amanda - I can't wait to see what she does with her life :)

I love that the kids totally know what they're allowed to watch - & didn't use this as an opportunity to watch something they shouldn't. Of course, at their age, the stuff they're allowed to watch is probably more interesting to them. Well, it would be to me - ha!