Monday, July 2, 2012

Outerbanks Awesomeness I

I thought before I dive into all my pictures from our vacation last week it might be helpful to explain a few things....and I seem to do that best with pictures.  :)

See these three?  This is my mom (center) and her brother and sister....they are each just 13 months apart! mom and aunt always look so nice and put together with their bright colors and coordinating jewelry, so I feel a little bad that is worked out to do group pictures right after a group swim...oops!
 They grew up and got married and had kids!  (Sadly, we were missing my uncle's other daughter, who could not get away from her Master's intensive summer courses).
 L to R: This is my brother Tim, me, sister Amy, sister Bethany, cousin Joy, cousin Melody (who is one of my most faithful blog readers...hi Mel!) and cousin Johnny.  Its a rather small family, but my brother and sisters and I have taken care of that with our 16 (and counting!) children.  None of my four cousins are married yet, but I'm sure they will do their part when the time comes.  {wink, wink}
 We had some fun taking pictures.  :)
 To me, this dud is funnier than the one of us actually in the air.  After several attempts, the picture taker said, " I click on 3 or after??"  Good stuff!

Sadly, tragically, their dad, a real life cowboy,  died when they were 2, 1 and months old....their mom died when they were barely in their 20s.  Because of this, much of the family history has been lost or just not pursued.  

My cousin Melody has determined to use her talents and skill of researching to start putting some of the pieces together.  I'm so excited to be joining her later this summer for a trip to Montana, where they were all born, where my grandparents love story began and where much of the family still lives.  Its going to be an adventure and I can't wait!

Melody started in on the process by "interviewing" them.  Gathering some fun childhood memories and collecting questions to take with us to the family in Montana.

And there you have it...the people that made the family reunion possible.  Much more to come, hopefully tomorrow!


Penny said...

What beautiful pics!! Looks like y'all had a blast!

Melody said...

Hi, Lisa :)
Love this post!