Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project 365, Week 10

We had a wonderfully low-key week and I was able to stick close to home for much of it.

This morning I'm on my way to run a half marathon, also marking the half-way mark in my full marathon training.  Its been a journey, for sure!

Isn't the clock change exciting??  Usually I'm slightly bummed about it because I've just gotten to the point where its not totally dark when I leave for the gym, but I'm going early enough that it will always be dark so I'm just going to enjoy the extra time in the evening...definitely a moral booster!!

Enjoy your week!

March 3
Shaun and the girls were at play practice, Z was at a visit and G and Aiden were home with me.  We went out for some fresh air and attention to the neglected dog.
 The turkeys were a steal, so I bought one and Shaun cooked it for us.  When I took it out Aiden said, Mom, why do you put a clock in the turkey?
 March 4
Aiden was so happy with his firetruck sandwich....we were learning the letter "F".  And, I can't even take him in that $0.50 hat we'd just gotten.

 There was even a firetruck at the grocery store.
 Checking out "F" books at the library.
On the recommendation of the pediatrician, we went to the optometrist.  Pretty comical, especially with the Avery and Aiden peanut gallery.  It was determined she had both viral and bacterial pink eye, with inflammation. 

 We walked out with two prescriptions, totaling $400.  In the words of my kids...its not fair!  :) 
 A much-anticipated day....tapping the maple trees for sap.  Pop's got quite a system and the kids were delighted to help out.
March 5
Got to take one-year pictures of my niece.  She's too precious!
 March 6
Shaun and I had a date at the new house, since we have the realtors permission to be in there.  We talked things through and took some measurements.  Its still not real.  (Most of this wall that you see will be knocked down in the next couple months.)
 March 7
I picked up a bunch of boxes and seeing the stack of them was quite intimidating!!  Aiden packed the first one...his Bible, his whip, his hammer...just the essentials.  :)
 We had a cancelled appointment, so we went out to play with the unexpected time.

Earlier in the day Aiden said to me, Hey Mom, do you wanna go outside and toss the football with me?  Oh my!
 Z asks often to go running with me, so I challenged him to do a mile with me.  We've got some training to do.  :)
 March 8
Trying not to be mad about the snow that came down until late afternoon.  Also trying not to be overwhelmed by the insane mount of work that's going to need to be done in the next six months....those empty boxes are taunting me.

 March 9
My morning crew.  :)

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The Bug said...

Oh man - Aiden in the hat AND the frog boots just slays me! He's such a hoot :)

Your niece is so cute! What in the world has she smushed all over herself?

I would be overwhelmed with the moving too. I didn't do very well the last time we moved - Mike had to do most of it, poor guy (this was pre-hip and shoulder surgery). I hope next time I can contribute a little or a LOT more!