Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project 365, Week 13

Words escape me to try to sum up this week.  Its not anything that fits nicely into a paragraph or two.  Its the kind of week someone close would hear about over coffee.  

It was giving and serving during four performances of The Passion of the King.  It was a stressful, nightmarish roller coaster ride with the mortgage company, trying to get our house deal put through.  It was hugs and meetings and running.  It was throwing baseballs and throwing fits and grappling with the overwhelming love that was shown by the work on the cross.  It was emails and texts and sending yet another fax.  It was knowing looks, searching looks.  It was souls saved.  It was good.

I attempted to not have this week's photos be ALL about The Passion, and I didn't do too bad.

March 24
We spent a nice quiet morning at home...Amanda wanted someone to play Barbies with her, so we did salon while Shaun and Avery were down stairs talking theology.

I read that if you add a little fabric softener to water and dip a comb in it, you can tame a Barbie's hair.  It worked!

We had a good supervisor, too.  (Pay no attention to his shirt...its a hand-me-down that he loves to wear).
 March 25
We met my brother and sister at my mom's, which yielded us 10 cousins for egg decorating and hunting.
 March 26
We enjoyed a warm-ish day and the kids discovered Crocus's.

 My beautiful girl, growing older by the day.

March 27
Passion, Night #3

March 28
You got a little somethin' on your lip, Manda.
 March 29
Family yard clean up.  The kids kept saying it was summer...50 degrees!  :)
 March 30
Easter!  Beautiful service, just felt strange to be sitting in a seat, next to Shaun no less.
 March family pic in our Sunday best.  :)


Melody said...

Wish we could have coffee/tea and a chat!
Hugs over the miles and trusting for a calmer week ahead for you.

Meg A. said...

Holy moley, that one of Avery?! So beautiful.

The Bug said...

Avery is gorgeous - & I love the family picture (especially your dress - love it!).

Amy Joy said...

Agreed about the Avery photo. And super sweet family photo! I love it!