Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 365, Week 12

Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!  Palm Sunday!

Just so you are warned, there are quite a few pictures here, half of them are from a phone.  It was a predictably crazy week with four rehearsals and a performance added to regular life.

The 20th marked the date ONE year ago that we first met Z, though I'm certain I was the only one who knew it.  Stirred up some extra emotions that I wrestled with.  Have I mentioned God is growing me??  :)

Onto our week....I'll make an effort to not have this entire coming week of pictures to be about The Passion play...we'll see.

March 17
I came home from my run and it was just my two boys at home.  We had a nice breakfast together and enjoyed a short but quiet and sweet morning.

We got to spend the afternoon with family while we celebrated Grandpa's birthday.  It might have been the first time I've had cabbage on St. Patrick's Day.

 Aiden and I made sure to wear our green.  This holiday means absolutely nothing to me, but I'm always game for being festive.
March 18
As the promise of a new house becomes more real, I'm starting to think about wanting to document everyday life as it was at this house.  

I mean, that's pretty much ALL I document around here, but I've had moments of panic wondering what I'll ever do if I don't have a picture of the kids brushing their teeth in THIS bathroom.

I know...rough life, right?

Anyway, that's what was going through my head when I took this.  Aiden sitting on his knees at a deserted table, eating his cereal.  His pajama bottoms are crooked and his shirt is kinda tucked in because he just finished in the bathroom.

March 19
Shaun and Aiden were out plowing (yes, plowing!) so I hit the grocery store by myself.  At one point, I looked down at my cart and it struck me so hard....I am SO very blessed that I can go to the grocery store, any day of the week, fill my cart with food and have the means to pay for it. blessed and thankful that, at least on this day, I didn't take it for granted.
 First dress rehearsal night.

 March 20
For the first time in my 10 weeks of training this winter, I was unable to make myself get up with my 4:30 alarm.  Instead I slept in.  When Shaun woke later he took one look at me and asked what the frown was for.  I said, I am cranky!

So thankfully, my sister and I were taking advantage of a couple Groupon's we had for hair.  We made our appointments for the same time and then even went to lunch after.  It was lovely (and did wonders for my mood)!
 Aiden stayed with my sister and got to celebrate the first day of Spring in style.

I left rehearsal once the kids were done practicing so they could get to bed, but Amy sent me this picture of Shaun filling in for the missing Judas.  A man of many talents!

 March 21
Another dress rehearsal....Aiden was having fun hanging out with his cousin.
 March 22
One of the highlights of opening night....riding the shuttle!
 March 23
I went in to check on the girls who were cleaning their room.  Looks like they decided to take a Barbie break.
 Aiden wanted to "read" Waldo before nappy.  He kept asking where "Waldo Woo" is, who is from a Dr. Seuss book.  We had to call in the expert to help us find the stripped man.
 Took the kids and the dog for some fresh air.  I am weary of being optimistic about the weather and instead I'm just really, really annoyed that we have snow. hasn't helped any.

 Amanda got all dolled up for grown up!
Praying God is real to you as you go about this Easter Week.


Meg A. said...

I had the SAME thought when we were moving last month- "what if I don't remember what brushing their teeth looked like here...what if I don't remember where we sat for dinner...what if I don't remember where we read books each night..." We are the same kind of crazy! :)

The Bug said...

I've had homes where I wish I'd taken pictures of all the rooms. I'll try to remember what it looked like & just can't. So snap away!

The kids are so cute in their Passion costumes:)