Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 365, Week 9

This week was a blur.  My sister asked me a question about it and I couldn't for the life of me piece the events back together.  That's when I'm thankful for these that even though some of my weeks are blurry, hopefully looking back the years won't be blurry.

February 24
I took this picture to send to my SIL to thank her for the bag of running clothes she gave me (thank you, Sarah!).  Problem is, its the only picture I took of the, full disclosure...

Me, after a seven-mile tempo run, and my faces matches the color of my shirt.  Over the years, I've had countless people ask me if I'm ok, including this day.  Yes, thank you for your concern (because sometimes there IS reason) but my face always turns red when I exert that kind of effort.
 February 25
 Amanda and Aiden had great fun together....I loved listening to them play.
Happy 94th Birthday, Great-Grandpa!!

February 26
A good old-fashioned rainy day.
 February 27
Our hard-working woodstove needed some attention...Aiden was thrilled to avail himself to the project at hand.
February 28
This is what Aiden wore to the doctor, which is where we took Amanda after her pink eye kept getting progressively worse, even with drops.

 March 1
Yay for March!!

I walked into Juvenile Court, gave the security guard the case name and started to tell him who I was.  He said, Oh yes...I recognize you.

Nice....the dude who checks me in before I go through the metal detector before I go into court knows my face.  How did I get here?!?
 Crazy Hair Night at church.  Holding up the bottom is G, our respite girl for the weekend and Amanda, barely able to keep her eyes open in the light.
 Later at Daddy's basketball game.  They lost the playoff game, so the season is over.  The team had a great year, though.
March 2
I pulled everyone out of bed minutes before we left the house at 7:20 AM.  We went to see my niece Madison dance in a competition.  She did incredible!!  I sobbed through most of her performance (which, btw is painful with pink eye...yes, I have it too)...she is simply amazing.  The judges liked her, too....she got the top honor and will go to Nationals this summer!
 This is her with my rag tag crew.  Fresh out of bed with too little sleep, the morning after Crazy Hair night.  :)

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The Bug said...

I LOVE the look on grandpa's face as he's listening to Amanda :)

Sorry about the pink eye - it's a pain (cue the drum roll & groans). I especially didn't like it because I couldn't wear contacts & I hated wearing my glasses.

So cool about your niece!