Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tappin' Trees

Every year, sap time is anxiously awaited.  This year the kids, particularly Aiden, kept asking about it.  Z had not experienced it before but knew it all sounded good.  Finally, we got the call from Pop that it was time!!

First, here are some interesting facts that I pulled off my friend's blog.  Very interesting!

-the process of getting sap from maple trees and turning it into maple syrup or sugar is called sugaring. 

-the Native Americans were doing this and taught the early immigrants about maple sugaring. 

-for every 1 gallon of sap a tree yields, there is another 1000 gallons of sap running through it’s fibers. 

-the term for the maple sap moving throughout the fibers of the tree is called “running” 

-the sugaring season last for 4-6 weeks a year, beginning when temperatures rises to about 40 degrees during the day and drops below freezing at night. The sap stops running when the variation in temps lessens. 

-there are 4 types of maple trees, sugar maples yield the sweetest syrup. 

-maple sap is a clear liquid that has a slightly sweet taste

-40 gallons of sap is required to make 1 gallon of syrup, which can be sold for about $65.00/gal. 

-depending on the size of the tree, it can be tapped up to 3 times without harming the tree. 

First a quick hike up the hill...

 Didn't take long for the taste-testing to begin.
 Z is always happy to be able to operate a powertool by himself.

Amanda stopped at Riley's grave to give him a quick kiss.
 And what is an afternoon of tapping trees without a tea party??  :)  Thanks for the good times, Pop.  The kids will enjoy the fruits of their your labor.

On the first day you must get the best fruit from the trees. You must also get palm leaves, leafy branches and poplar branches. You must be filled with joy in my sight for seven days. I am the Lord your God.
Leviticus 23:40

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So sweet (pun intended)!
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