Monday, March 18, 2013

Project 365, Week 11

I am time-crunched and uninspired to write an're on your own.  :)

March 10
I think this day has been beat to death, but one more time...I completed my fourth half-marathon, with two sister-in-laws by my side...good stuff!
 My sweet niece turned one.
 March 11
My fierce warrior-guy.
 March 12
It was raining when we got home from school.  After a few minutes I realized Amanda had not come in  the house with us.  Oh, of course....she stayed out to play in the rain.  Naturally.
 March 13
A beautiful day, so we went across the street to shoot hoops and play at the neighbors.  Soon we'll have our very own yard big yard, complete with a hoop.

Amanda requested a photo shoot and had outfits and poses all planned out.  I was happy to oblige!
March 14
Sweet girls.
 This is the beginnings of a contained chimney fire.  Oh the mess and the smell!  Made me not sad that this is our last winter dealing with a woodstove.
 March 15
Breakfast date with my best boys.

 Avery came home with a Power Point project she'd work on for weeks in computer class.  It was really very impressive and I told her the first time I used that program was in college (of course, that's when it was invented).

She wanted to show me her skills so she got to work on another presentation.  This was sweet but made me a little sad, too.  I wish she felt like I had infinite time for her.

 March 16
Aiden wanted to do push ups on the kitchen floor, so we did.  Wonder how long it will be that I can do more than him.  :)


The Bug said...

I do power points for my boss - but business ones (especially if one's boss is an attorney) are BORING. There was the one time he had me incorporate the theme from the Good, the Bad & the Ugly into one slide -ha!

Cute kiddos this week. Love Amanda's photo shoot :)

Amy said...

Well you've certainly shifted've always been adamant that your yard is more than sufiicient and that you love the woodstove and the exercise it provides for Shaun. Indeed, things change.