Thursday, April 11, 2013

April's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

4:20 AM
The rainy mornings always make it harder to head out to the gym, but at the same time I was SO thankful it wasn't white!
7:30 AM
Lunch and snack packed for my sweet school girls.
 8:30 AM
Drove by the new house where Shaun was meeting with the plumbing & heating guy.  I equate these vans with $$.
 9:30 AM
Compelled to write about the significance of the day.  And I need a blog makeover!

10:30 AM
Noteworthy in our house....I turned the TV on for half an hour...Aiden has a boo-boo on his knee and he was in quite a bit of pain...and he's a tough dude!
 12:30 PM
I love that we still have a room in the house that smells like (clean) diapers.  Like the girls at this age, Aiden still uses one for naps and bedtime.

 2:30 PM
As usual during tax season, I have to wake Aiden up from his nap and whisk him off to pick up the girls from school.  I'm quite partial to the snuggles that ensue though.  :)

 3:30 PM
Doing homework at the new house while I work.
 4:30 PM
My helpers!
7:30 PM
When Daddy got home from work and Z got home from baseball we went out to recognize the milestone of one year together.  The kids had spent lots of time and love on making cards for him.

When asked, he said his top three memories from the past year were Florida, Outerbanks and New York City.
 9 PM
Fifteen minutes after putting the girls to bed two hours late I had to go in there and tell them no more talking/giggling.  But really, I'm so glad they have each other and are embracing the experience of rooming together.  So special!

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The Bug said...

I always love your 10 on 10 posts. I was so going to do it this month, but it's just SO BORING to document a work day - ha!

You know, the only way I would get a picture that early in the morning is if I took it on my way to or from the bathroom :)