Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project 365, Week 15

We experienced flashes of Spring weather, and it was marvelous!  Color is starting to pop out here and there and its very exciting!

These photos don't represent our week very well, but they were a part of it.  I promise next week our pictures will be much more eventful.  :)

April 7
Aiden picked me a flower and then wanted to take my picture.

 April 8
No picture

April 9
We met cousins at the park while the girls were at voice lessons.  Aiden learned there's a "downside" to skateboarding.  :)

April 10
Do their nightly reading together.
 April 11
Stocking up...

 April 12
The school earned a dress down day and the girls, particularly Avery were over the top about it.
April 13
Silly boy.

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The Bug said...

Love Aiden's expression in that last picture - ha! We've been in dress down mode at work for months now - in fact I've started wearing some of my business casual clothes just for variety. Our current director likes to wear shorts when he can get away with it :)