Friday, April 26, 2013

Florida, Part III

We met up at Nana's to create our four-car caravan to take the 1.5 hour trek to Orlando, which we found out later, was the hottest place in the country that day.


 It was SO hot.  How hot was it?  It was so hot, Avery was willing to get sprayed a little by the spitting camel.
 Shaun bought Aiden a Peter Pan sword.  He was SO surprised and excited.  He said, Oh THANK YOU, Daddy!  Later after Shaun had walked away, under his breath he said, I'm SO lucky!

 When Captain Hook walked by, he noticed Aiden bravely holding his sword up in front.  As he came closer, Aiden slowly back up and up until he'd tripped over feet behind him.  SO funny!
 The third car has Shaun and Amanda.
 My attempt to take a group shot on Dumbo.

 We definitely had the best group!

 Avery's favorite part...the light parade.

After fireworks we got right on the road, around 11:30 PM.  Shaun drove until 6 AM through wind and rain.  Traffic was at a standstill for a downed tree and also the usual through D.C. and NYC, so we ended up getting home about 11:30 PM.

The kids were fabulous travelers and Shaun and I got some good time together.  We were all happy to be home and grateful for the opportunity to have good family time making forever memories.

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sara said...

such great pictures!!!

However, I did not see YOU on any of those rides! :)