Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Passion of the King

Another year of The Passion of the King is behind us.  Its always bittersweet to have it come to an end. This year over 700 people over five shows asked Jesus to be the Lord of their life as a result of seeing the show!

It was humbling to walk around and see all the parts of our church and the production move.  Hundreds of volunteers worked tirelessly all production week and many weeks prior to make it all work.  What an honor to work shoulder to shoulder with such amazing people.

I'm so grateful there is a place for all of us to serve and such a far-reaching opportunity to spread the Gospel.

Ready for some pictures??

Rehearsals began in February and there were surprisingly few of them.  

 The kids like being on stage, but equally they (the girls) like putting on makeup, hanging out with their friends and riding the shuttle.  The fact that cousins are also involved in all of this makes it very, very sweet.

 Aiden opted to hang out in the sound booth and, during the week, he became attached to Amy's hip, as she took over responsibility for him.

My sister Amy did her 5.5th year as Assistant Producer...she knows how to keep everyone in line and somehow can tolerate dealing with issues that arise from a cast of over 100.  Amazing.

 Shaun was the sound/fixit man who takes care of stuff from A-Z.  He is truly the only one who knows all that he actually does.  If you want something done, he's your man.
Auntie Amy let Aiden use her phone from time to time and there also may have been cookies and other treats to munch on during the show.
 We had a great number of family, friends and acquaintances in attendance.
 I love this one of Shaun's two grandfathers.  Neither gets out much, so they were tickled to see each other, and the kids, of course.

 We were getting home around 11:30 most nights, so we did naps most days.  The kids did really well just making it work.
 One night someone brought me up to the catwalk to take pictures.  I'm not a fan of heights, so I wasn't super mobile, but once I got into my spot, I loved the view and seeing the show from a new angle.

 Aiden ran the light board a little, too.  :)
 Here's my gang, all dressed up.

 ...with the thieves
...with grandparents
 ....with cousins
 I took over 2000 photos, plus video over the course of the week.  I know I've provided plenty here, but in case you were curious to see more, they are HERE.  The set, costumes and lighting are incredible.

We know what love is because Jesus Christ gave his life for us. So we should give our lives for our brothers and sisters.
1 John 3:16


Meg A. said...

Such a special week! Love the community we build in doing it, love the power of the message, love the photos!

Amy Joy said...

Love it! Beautiful photos, as always! I especially loved the one of the grandfathers. Such a treasure to have them both there!