Monday, April 22, 2013

House Project {Week 3}

This week was primarily spent finishing up tax season and visiting grandparents in Florida.  However....while we were away the plumber delivered our brand-new water heater and did some other plumbing stuff.  Exciting, right?

Amanda and I visited the scratch-n-dent appliance outlet, just to get an idea of what's out there and what we should be looking to spend.

 Our new appliance list is long, including a new dishwasher for our current home.
 We also hit the home improvement store, again to get an idea of what's out there and to see if we could score any clearance items.  We didn't buy anything, but I started to get an idea of what I like and what I don't.  Thinking this might be nice in the kitchen.
 Avery set up a place for Aiden to take naps there and they watched a movie on the laptop.  Already staking a claim to their "nook".
 Trying to Pin everyday, or at least look through ideas.  I'm not great with decorating and don't have real strong opinions about that kind of thing, so I'm trying to educate myself and get an idea of what I love and what I don't.

We are making a doorway from the dining room to the kitchen, but plan to have the dining room closed off much of the time.  Thinking of this for a door, it just wouldn't be double-wide.

 Isn't this little appliance cabinet great?


Melody said...


LuAnn said...

I have been enjoying your pins. Can't wait to see what you use. And.... love the door :) Have fun !

The Bug said...

Kim Hoyt in Argentina is looking at design stuff too in preparation for building their house. She had a really interesting quiz last month talking about figuring out what your home philosophy is so you know if the things your considering match the philosophy.

Here's the post:

Amy Joy said...

OO Looks good! Where is the "Scratch-n-Dent" outlet?

Michele said...

Check out pc Richards and son for scratch and dent. We found a bit cheaper than the sears outlet. Looks like fun, the house that is!

Amy said...

LOVE the color of those cabinets in the kitchen.